Sara Evans’ Boot Picks

Sara Evans has developed a reputation for delivering albums full of great songs brought to life by her distinctive voice. She has that heart-in-the-throat quality that only legends possess. Pair that with an edgy sound and you’ve got Sara Evans. Over her long career, she’s sold nearly six million records with her last four albums … Read more

Inaugural #CMChattys Awards Announced Today

We’re excited about partnering with Jessica Northey and to bring you the #CMChattys!  Find this virtual award show in a social media platform near you starting today. Jessica Northey is Nashville’s Country Music Social Media Power Influencer. She announced the launch of the #CMChatty Awards today as part of the celebration of CMChat’s 3rd birthday … Read more

Style Tips: How to Rock the Boots with Dresses Trend

Cooler weather is no excuse to give up wearing boots with your skirts and dresses. It’s time to flaunt those legs Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood style. Throw on some tights or leggings (or not!) and you are ready to go! There aren’t a lot of rules that go along with wearing boots with skirts or dresses. … Read more

7 Things Southern Girls Must Do: Join the Junior League

This series will cover seven essentials every Southern girl must do to earn her keep. While we don’t much care for rules, we do believe there are certain things one simply must do in order to call oneself a true Southern girl. Here’s one. Every Southern girl must join the Junior League. And by Junior League, … Read more