How to Be a Country Music Artist According to Stock Photos

Country music’s core fan base always has and always will love a down home lyric and the twang of a good guitar. But, in the popular culture at large country music is either in or it’s out. Right now, with shows like “Nashville” and “Duck Dynasty” showcasing country music and the country lifestyle, and artists … Read more

Wedding Inspiration: Beach Wedding

Who doesn’t want to get married on the beach?! You can’t beat the backdrop of a beautiful beach wedding. Here are some of our favorite beach wedding scenes. Definitely some fun wedding inspiration! Photo Credit: Instagram User/atpursley Photo Credit: Instagram User/atlantisresort Photo Credit: Instagram User/allinclusiveforless Photo Credit: Instagram User/scgiza Photo Credit: Instagram User/riuhotels Photo Credit: … Read more

Bake & Listen: “9 to 5” Peanut Butter Brownies

I recently had the opportunity to see the legend, Dolly Parton, live and in the flesh. Spoiler alert: she was amazing. She sang all the hits, and showcased her skills on tons of different instruments. The atmosphere was just right, i.e. a large casino on the Oklahoma-Texas border with a $30 buffet. YOLO, I GUESS! … Read more

ICYMI: Taylor Swift Performs Duet with Zac Efron on Ellen

A few weeks ago, Taylor Swift joined Zac Efron on “The Ellen Show,” for a guitar lesson and duet performance. The duo started their performance singing “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People and ended up ad-libbing some fairly entertaining lyrics about their experiences with Ellen and the chorus ended with, “it’s really weird, really … Read more

The Best and Worst Of Hollywood Southern Accents

Let’s set the ground rules shall we? You cannot be a native Southerner and make this list. The list is reserved for actors and actresses who worked with a dialect coach to achieve the twang. We’re assigning letter grades to the best and worst Southern accents in Hollywood, just for fun. Tom Hanks as Forrest … Read more