Wedding Inspiration: Best Father-Daughter Dance Songs

You’re getting married. You have the dress, the groom and the menu picked out, but what about your music? What is your father-daughter dance song? Here are our picks for best father-daughter dance songs: “My Girl” // The Temptations You can only choose this one if you (and your dad) have a little bit of … Read more

You Won’t Believe Where Chip Esten Got Boots!

If you’re lucky you know Chip Esten as Deacon Claybourne on ABC’s Nashville. The actor/comic/musician has been enjoying swoon-worthy status as the romantic interest of a number of lead characters on the show, and consequently the subject of more than a few real-life women’s daydreams since the ABC Nashville premiered in 2012. We can all … Read more

Our Favorite Kacey Musgraves Red Carpet Looks

Kacey Musgraves certainly doesn’t look like she lives in a trailer when she gets all dressed up for red carpet events! She can pull off a wide range of dresses, from modern & fashionable to classic & sexy. Which red carpet look do you like on Kacey? Her dress at the ACM Awards was a … Read more

8 Country Stars With Iconic Makeup

You can’t deny it- country music starlets have style. From their close-to-God hair down to their boots, female country music stars are polished to a T. So how can we draw style inspiration from these lades? An easy simple way is to imitate their makeup. Here are 8 country stars with iconic makeup. Shania Twain … Read more

Chip Esten Was on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”?

This summer while we’re taking an unwanted break from “Nashville,” we’ve spent some time scouring the internet for clips of our favorite characters. Mostly it’s just videos of Chip Esten, but we love them all equally. We have a millionaire dollar question for y’all– how in the world did we miss our beloved Deacon on … Read more

A Legendary Road Trip

You have your car packed up, your country music playlist ready and your GPS set for your road trip. You might assume there aren’t any road trip stops worth making if Nashville isn’t on your route, but Nashville isn’t the only place where you can learn about country music and its rich history. Here are … Read more

You Have to See This: D*unk History with Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash

So, this might not be the way we’d tell a story, but for humor’s sake– we kind of like it. We laughed and we learned a little bit, too! Who knew that Kris Kristofferson flew a helicopter into Johnny Cash‘s yard to get his attention? Not us! (Again, we don’t think you should get drunk … Read more