Amusement Parks: What Not to Wear

Amusement parks ask very little in the way of fashion, and are one of the most casual places you can go. With that being said, there are still some basic rules of style and decency that should be observed. Fanny Packs I can’t really say anything bad about a fanny pack from a functionality perspective. … Read more Amusement Parks: What Not to Wear

Happy Birthday, Shania Twain!

Happy Birthday, Shania! The Queen of Country Pop! celebrates her 49th year today. She’s “Still The One” to us and doesn’t have to do much to “Win My Love,” it’s already been won! It’s been said that Shania is the original Beyonce, as she’s transformed country music and pop music with her unique sound and  natural … Read more Happy Birthday, Shania Twain!

Tim McGraw: Shotgun Rider

Tim McGraw‘s newest single is a bit different than the instant classic, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s.” “Shotgun Rider” is as sweet as can be, but with a different approach. McGraw is looking for a special someone to ride shotgun with him. He doesn’t want to wake up next to just anyone  and he especially doesn’t … Read more Tim McGraw: Shotgun Rider

Eric Paslay: She Don’t Love You

Whoa. Eric Paslay is bringing some kind of something on, “She Don’t Love You.” It’s been said that a good song cuts deep, something that really taps into your emotions and that’s exactly what this song does. The vocal-heavy ballad is the tale of a woman who’s been so hurt by “too many cowboys” rolling … Read more Eric Paslay: She Don’t Love You

Pat Green and Lyle Lovett: Girls From Texas

Pat Green has a special place in his heart for “Girls From Texas,” so much so he teamed up with Lyle Lovett for a new single all about girls, mostly ones from Texas. One would assume this new single is the start of a new album from Green, who last released an album in 2011, … Read more Pat Green and Lyle Lovett: Girls From Texas