Keith Urban and Journey

If you were Keith Urban and the Raise ‘Em Tour was coming to a close, how would you commemorate it? Would you get tourmates Jerrod Niemann and Brett Eldredge, plus your entire band and road crew to lip sync to Journey’s “Faithfully” and make a video? The answer is: yes. Yes, you would. Image Source: … Read more

3 Best Football Theme Songs

Football and country music go hand-in-hand. So much so that for big-time football television productions country music artists are brought in to sing and write theme songs for these mega-events. But, this begs the question, which football-centric, big-time production is the best? Let’s decide. “Comin’ To Your City” // Big and Rich Pros: “Comin’ To … Read more

Miranda Lambert Wows Crowd

At this point in her career, we’re not sure how Miranda Lambert continues to surprise us, but she does! She hit the red carpet in a black suit with leather panels and high-end fashion model straight platinum blond hair. Miranda Lambert caused a few tongues to wag with her outfits at this week’s Fashion Rocks … Read more

10 Taylor Swift Inspired Nail Polishes

Remember when Kim Kardashian had her own nail polish line? (Don’t worry, we tried to block it out of our minds, too). Nail polish lines all start with an idea, an inspiration…and this line was inspired by none other than Taylor Swift. Don’t worry, these all country music inspired, you won’t have to “Shake It … Read more

Playlist: Songs About Cars (Not Trucks)

These days, pickup trucks seem to be the backbone of just about every song on the radio. If you’re not in a truck cruisin’ down a backroad, you’re hanging out on the tailgate of a truck or talking about washing or truck. Or something. With gas prices these days it’s a wonder anyone can afford … Read more