How to Order a Craft Beer Without Being The Worst

Selecting your beer used to be the simplest part of ordering a meal. Take your pick of brands then answer, light or full-flavored, bottle or can. There was never much reason to give the process more thought than that. Times are changing though. For decades, craft beer has been a small and vibrant part of … Read more

Dustin Lynch Has Swag

Dustin Lynch, known by most for his mega-watt smile, cowboy hat and rare combination of traditional country music meets killer dance moves– this No. 1 hit singer has some swag to him. I saw him perform a brief set last fall and was impressed with his energy and audience engagement. Not to mention– he loves Reba … Read more

Miranda Lambert Dishes on Writing Songs About Blake

Miranda Lambert is as real as they come. She’s always been true to herself and her roots, as she’s evolved from I was mad as hell, “Crazy Ex-girlfriend” to soft and sweet, Ain’t no moment like when I’m holding on to you, wife of Blake Shelton. She sat down for a recent interview and shared what … Read more

Lee Ann Womack Gives Relationship Advice

Lee Ann Womack, recent GRAMMY-nominee for Country Album of the Year, took to the GRAMMY Red Carpet and dished out some relationship advice. Here’s what we learned: Don’t mind spending time with your significant other. The wife is always right. Marriage isn’t easy. She also played a game of “Would You Rather,” which really gave … Read more

Exclusive! Natalie Stovall’s Acoustic Cover of “Girl Crush”

Most days, Natalie Stovall is known for playing the fiddle with as much skill and fervor as Keith Urban’s guitar playing, while singing with her powerful, yet smooth voice. The all-around powerhouse performer has slowed it down a notch in this exclusive debut of her cover of Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.” Recently released as … Read more