Luke Bryan Tweeted and We Have No Idea What It Means

Tomorrow. That’s all Luke Bryan said in a recent tweet and we are dying to know what he’s talking about. The mysterious tweet was accompanied by an equally as mysterious video that’s also not giving us much information. All the 15 second video says is, “Announcement tomorrow.” What is it Luke? A concert? Tour dates? New … Read more

Ronnie Dunn Releases New Video for “Ain’t No Trucks in Texas”

Ronnie Dunn’s new single, “Ain’t No Trucks In Texas” is all about that post-relationship regret and the angst one carries around when dealing with it. The brand new video captures all of those feelings and more as we follow around a few people dealing with those relationship woes. With lyrics like “There ain’t no trucks in Texas / … Read more

14 Halloween Pinterest Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Pinterest, the mecca of DIY crafts, recipes, fashion-hacks and home decor, makes trying new things look easy, but in my experience, there are way more Pinterest fails than there are successes. So this Halloween,when you’re tempted to try one of those “easy” recipes or makeup tutorials, just remember these people. 14 Halloween Pinterest Fails That … Read more

Sam Hunt Set a House on Fire Because Breaking Up is Hard To Do

How’s that old Neil Sedaka song go, “Breaking up is hard to do…don’t you leave my heart in misery…” Well, Sam Hunt must be miserable because he set a house on fire to deal with a “Break Up in a Small Town.” The hunky Hunt is so overwhelmed with his emotions and the small boundaries … Read more

4 Reasons Luke Bryan Was Nominated for CMA Entertainer of the Year

Not just anybody in country music can be nominated for CMA Entertainer of the Year. Entertainer of the Year is all about the performer on stage, their leadership, fanbase, attitude and their contribution to the image of country music. It’s no wonder Luke Bryan is the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year and up for … Read more

16 Confessions From People Who Are Obsessed With Eric Church

Eric Church is crazy talented, crazy attractive and has some crazy fans. The ultra talented country singer, who is nominated for 2015 CMA Entertainer of the Year, has built up quite the dedicated fan-base over the years and most (all) of them are incredibly obsessed with him. Honestly, we don’t blame them. 16 Confessions From People … Read more

Listen To Carrie Underwood’s New Song “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”

It’s finally here, y’all. Carrie Underwood has unveiled the much buzzed-about ‘baby song’, “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.” This beautiful, soulful ballad talks about the deep love she has for her baby and her husband and how she never knew they were what she needed in her life until they were there. During a recent Facebook … Read more

Jason Aldean’s New Video for “Gonna Know We Were Here”

Not only did Jason Aldean just release the dates for his 2016 We Were Here Tour, he also released a music video for his latest single “Gonna Know We Were Here.” The video features Aldean’s real high school alma mater, Windsor Academy in Macon, Georgia as Aldean wanders the hallways reminiscing about the excitement and exhilaration of high … Read more

Listen To Carrie Underwood’s New Song “Renegade Runaway”

Carrie Underwood has just released another track from her upcoming album Storyteller called “Renegade Runaway.” This unruly rocker track, which is strikingly different from the laid back “Smoke Break,” tells the story of a country woman who seems to be up to no good. It gives another glimpse into the sounds that are in store for us in … Read more

Carrie Underwood Has a Pretty Good Fake British Accent

During a recent trip to London for the Apple Music Festival, Carrie Underwood sat down with the BBC to discuss her least favorite exercise, Stephen King and of course, she shared her take on a British accent. For a girl from small town Oklahoma living in the deep South, she does a pretty good job. … Read more