The Truth Behind Every Fashionable Instagram Account

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16 Times Taylor Swift Perfectly Summed Up the Holidays

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The Best (Worst) White Elephant Gifts Ever

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Trisha Yearwood Would Definitely Give Dolly Parton an Organ So She Could Live Forever

Trisha Yearwood was initiated into Andy Cohen’s Bravo! clubhouse in fine form– by commenting on the nickname “Girth Brooks” and by answering a series of questions about things she would or wouldn’t do. She would give an organ to Dolly Parton. She would not be a judge on “The Voice.” She would party with Reba. … Read more

15 Best Songs By Women in Country Music of 2015

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“Nashville” Star Jonathan Jackson’s Cover of “Unchained Melody” is So Good You Might Cry

“Nashville” star and five time Emmy-winning actor Jonathan Jackson has been honing his craft of acting, singing and performing for nearly 20 years now. The 33-year-old artist had his first big break into the acting business when he joined the cast of “General Hospital” in 1996. Since then, Jackson’s acting career has taken off and … Read more

Lauren Alaina and 6-Year-Old George Tell Us Everything We Need to Know About Life

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Adam Levine May or May Not Have Joined Tinder

Sexy Maroon 5 frontman and “The Voice” judge Adam Levine has proved to the world time and time again that he’s a funny guy. Whether that’s through funny Tweets, ridiculous Instagram posts or incredible Blake Shelton insults, the talented musician knows how to keep us laughing (and swooning — the man is insanely good looking). … Read more