The Real Story Behind Chris Stapleton’s GRAMMY-Nominated ‘Traveller’

If you’re anything like us, then you’re way too excited about the GRAMMYs on February 15. Something to hold you over until then?  Check out some of the highlights from Chris Stapleton’s oral history of his Album Of The Year-nominated Traveller. The full story can be found on Traveller was recorded in August, September and October of 2014. … Read more

The Brussel Sprout Recipe that will Change Your Life for the Better (and Healthier)

Over the years, brussel sprouts have gotten a bad rap. As a child, they were used as a punishment tactic: “Clean your room or else you eating brussel sprouts for dinner, young lady!” I spent the majority of my adolescence avoiding them at all cost. In fact, I wouldn’t even going near the little green … Read more

You Have to Hear Charlie Rose Read Cam’s “Burning House” Lyrics

After a wonderful in-depth interview with Cam on “CBS This Morning,” legendary TV host and voice, Charlie Rose read Cam’s “Burning House” lyrics on air. I happen to think Cam has one of the most unique and beautiful voices (ever), but hearing Charlie Rose read her words made “Burning House” even more ethereal. I think … Read more

Lauren Alaina and MacKenzie Bourg Cover Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”

Lauren Alaina returned to the stage that started it all for her and “American Idol” to share the stage with MacKenzie Bourg. The duo performed Lee Ann Womack’s classic, “I Hope You Dance” and Jennifer Lopez sang along the entire time. Lauren was supposed to be there to help out MacKenzie, but she kind of … Read more

Peyton Manning (Looking A Lot Like Kristen Wiig) Did an Interview with Jimmy Fallon

Peyton Manning took a break from celebrating his Super Bowl victory with his family to visit Jimmy Fallon and “The Tonight Show.” Just a few days without football and Peyton was looking a little different while still wearing his jersey. Peyton shared some insights into what he was thinking during the game, his special nickname for … Read more

Tara Thompson’s “Someone To Take Your Place” Will Be Your New Girl Power Anthem

Newcomer Tara Thompson has just come out with her sassy debut single, “Someone To Take Your Place.” It’s dance-party-with-your-girlfriends approved, that’s for sure. With spit-fire lyrics and some sass,  Tara gives her ex-boyfriend a piece of her mind at a laundromat.  My sister did this make-up she calls it get over your break-up She said get … Read more

Listen to “The Voice” Winner Jordan Smith’s Inspiring New Single “Stand In The Light”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for this day ever since the soulful, wildly talented Jordan Smith was announced as the season nine winner of “The Voice.” THe 22-year-old talent has finally released a single called “Stand In The Light” and it is, unsurprisingly, awesome. A song about being who you truly are and living the … Read more

Barrett Baber (From #TeamBlake and “The Voice”) is Ready to Kiss You Hello

One of our local favorites, plus a favorite former #TeamBlake member on “The Voice,” Barrett Baber is about to really be your favorite too after you hear his new single. Barrett wrote the new tune with his longtime friend and co-writer Kenny Lamb. The two were just working on new music when Kenny asked Barrett, … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids to Explain Love (and They’re Just as Clueless as the Rest of Us)

Love is a difficult thing to put into words. You can feel it, but you can’t see it and it’s different for everybody. As an experiment (and in hopes of getting a little closer to defining the word), late night show host Jimmy Kimmel went out and asked kids the question: what is love? Since children … Read more

The Most Mesmerizing Valentine’s Day Cookie Video You’ll Ever See

If you want to get crafty in the baking department, you so need to try out these Valentine’s Day cookies. They’re gorgeous and your country cutie will absolutely love them. Is it just us, or is this the most mesmerizing cookie video you’ve ever seen? Between the hearts, lips and polka dots, we just can’t look away. You’ll Need: … Read more