7 Things You Should Never Say To a Bride

Planning and executing a wedding is stressful for everyone involved — but especially for the bride. For the days, weeks, months and sometimes even years leading up to the big day, the bride-to-be is bogged down by a laundry list of questions about things including wedding colors, wedding venue, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, food, drinks, invitations, … Read more

Yes, Gwen Stefani is On Blake Shelton’s New Album

After months of speculation, Gwen Stefani has confirmed that yes, she sang a country music duet with beau Blake Shelton. And yes, it’ll be on his new album. Shelton’s If I’m Honest is set to release May 20 and as he revealed the cover for the new album, Stefani revealed the back. Stefani’s duet is … Read more

Brooks & Dunn To Receive NASH Icon Award During American Country Countdown Awards

Legendary country duo Brooks & Dunn will be honored for their outstanding career achievements during the 2016 American Country Countdown Awards. The duo will be presented with the NASH Icon Award by their longtime friend and 2014 winner Reba McEntire. “Brooks & Dunn have indelibly etched their legacy as the biggest-selling duo in country music … Read more

Sturgill Simpson Pens New Tune About Waffle House Etiquette

Waffle House is a delicacy in the South. Less than a year ago, Jake Owen released a single referencing Waffle House and based the branding for the single on Waffle House’s logo. Waffle House loved it. Turns out, Stephen Colbert also loves Waffle House. So much so, he enlisted Sturgill Simpson to help him write … Read more

How to Make Taylor Swift’s Favorite Cocktail (Kind Of)

In her recent 73 Questions interview with Vogue, pop goddess Taylor Swift revealed her favorite cocktail: “Diet Coke and vodka.” Now, there are a lot of spunky things about our girl Taylor, but her alcohol choice is less than exciting, so we’ve decided to create a more fun, more flavorful twist on the 26-year-old’s favorite … Read more

Zac Brown and Michael Franti Cover Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry”

Recently, while performing at the annual Southern Ground Music and Food Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, country artist Zac Brown and fellow musician Michael Franti performed a fun, laid-back rendition of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry.” Incorporating acoustic guitar, mandolin and reggae-inspired vocals into the cover, Zac and Michael definitely did this classic song … Read more

[Video] Maren Morris and Brothers Osborne Singing Chris Stapleton’s “Fire Away” is What Dreams Are Made Of

At the recent AIMP Awards event in Nashville, Tennessee, country music up and comer Maren Morris and duo Brothers Osborne had some fun performing and putting their own twist on Chris Stapleton‘s soulful “Fire Away.” The one-time trio totally owned the musically tricky song and, at several points during the performance, moved the audience to … Read more

[Video] Take a Tour of Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills Pad, While She Answers Every Question Imaginable

As an accompaniment to her appearance on the most recent cover of Vogue, pop idol Taylor Swift also participated in the magazine’s “73 Questions” video series, where she answered questions like, “How many cat breeds can you name?” and gave viewers a tour of her Beverly Hills home. Throughout the nearly 10-minute video, Taylor reveals … Read more

12 Hits from Adele Set to Be Released as Lullabies

If you’re a person with ears and a heart, you’ve probably dreamed of having Adele sing you to sleep. This is of course after she’s come over for a dinner party where she told funny stories about Beyonce. Well, your dreams have almost come true! Rockabye Baby! is releasing Lullaby Renditions of Adele which includes … Read more