This Woman Won a Workout with Carrie Underwood and Lived to Tell About It

I’m one of those people who workouts to avoid buying bigger jeans. I know there are benefits to it and yes, I always feel better throughout the day when I start at the gym, but I’m not interested in going on a vacation where you go on hikes or do yoga multiple times a day. … Read more

7 Fancy Ponytails That Will Get You Through the Warm Summer Months

When it’s warm outside, there isn’t anything worse than a wad of stringy, sticky, sweaty hair glueing itself to the back of your neck — nothing puts me in a bad mood faster. The solution to this problem is obvious — a ponytail — but, who else is tired of the boring, flat, unflattering basic … Read more

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Lead the Crowd in “Purple Rain” Singalong

During a recent show in Columbus, Ohio, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood paid tribute to Prince, in the most Prince-way possible. After changing clothes and donning a purple blazer, Trisha and Garth shared that they often do Prince songs during sound checks, but never live. “On the road the last 20 years, we’ve done a … Read more

Meal-Planning For When You Have No One In Your Life

Being single often means cooking for just one. One of the more challenging aspects of cooking for one is planning meals for yourself. A lot of people resign themselves to going through a drive-thru or microwaving pre-cooked TV dinners. But wandering through your meager existence by your lonesome does not mean you can’t have delicious … Read more

7 Classic Vince Gill Songs from the ’90s

Vince Gill dominated the country charts in the 1990s. The singer-songwriter had more than 15 songs reach the Top 5, with several No. 1s. His music became the soundtrack for a generation. Here’s a look back at seven of his biggest hits from the era: 1. “When I Call Your Name” Holy sepia, Batman! While … Read more

CMA Foundation and Brett Eldredge Honor 50 Local Music Teachers For Their Contributions to the Community

At a recent CMA Board-hosted Music Teacher of Excellence event in Nashville, Tennessee, 50 local music teachers were honored for their dedication to their students, commitment to teaching and their undeniable role in enriching the community and their individual schools. Each Teacher of Excellence received a $2,000 grant from the CMA Foundation. “Purchasing instruments has … Read more

Keith Urban Discusses How He Wrote “Wasted Time”

During an intimate preview show at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville recently, country sensation Keith Urban got personal with the audience when he explained the exciting creative process that went into writing the third single of his latest album Ripcord, “Wasted Time.” In collaboration with fellow songwriters Greg Wells and J. Hart, … Read more

Matt Lauer Asks Time 100 Honorees to Describe Politics and If They Know Any Good, Clean Jokes

Each year, Time Magazine chooses its 100 most influential people in the world. Honorees are placed into the categories pioneers, titans, artists, leaders and icons and they each get a spot in the magazine and a fancy dinner in New York City. This year, Matt Lauer and “Today” sat down with a few of the … Read more

8 Semi-Weird Ways You Know You’re in Love

The concept of falling in love is something that we are all made acutely aware of from a very young age. Thanks to romantic comedies, reality TV shows like “The Bachelor” and idealistic Disney movies, the signs we associate with “falling in love” are usually dramatized, romanticized and, largely, inaccurate — yes, the butterflies, fireworks … Read more

8 Miranda Lambert GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 40 Has Experienced

You may think Miranda Lambert isn’t like the rest of us, but she is. She’s cut her own bangs, asked her friends to try different filters on Instagram photos and everything else you’ve ever been through. She’s a country music legend, but Miranda is just like you. 8 Miranda Lambert GIFs That Accurately Describe a … Read more

11 Other Movie Quotes Ted Cruz Would Probably Misquote If Given An Opportunity

During a campaign stop in Indiana, Ted Cruz and his team thought it would be a good idea to invoke the classic film “Hoosiers.” It all seemed like a good idea at the time– who doesn’t love “Hoosiers”? But then Cruz referred to the hoop as a “basketball ring.” Ahh, so close. Here are some … Read more