We Found the One Thing That’s Ruining Your Manicure

The typical nail salon experience is pretty easy to pinpoint. You sit down, you get your nail polish removed, you get a two-minute (usually half-assed) hand massage, your hands get slathered in lotion and, right before a coat of nail polish is applied, your fingers get soaked in a bowl of soapy water. But, apparently, … Read more

This ‘Sky Tent’ Might Make You Question Your Entire Camping Experience

Camping is a huge part of the summer experience. We eagerly wait for campgrounds and hiking trails to become viable again, dusting off our camping supplies in excitement. For some of us, though, camping is bland and unoriginal, an outdoor version of sitting in your living room, only with heat, mosquitoes, and mud. For those … Read more

Chewbacca Mom Is Rolling in $420K Worth Of Gifts Since Her Launch into Viral Fame

First, you should probably re-watch the video that started it all. That laugh isn’t just good for generating smiles. Apparently, it brings in the cash too, with Chewbacca Mom netting over $420K worth of gifts. This figure is estimated and based on several gifts received after her video netted over 150 million views: A Disney … Read more

Maren Morris’ First Concert Was Heart, Cheap Trick and Journey (and We’re All Jealous)

Country music breakout star Maren Morris has made a name for herself as a badass writer, stellar performer and unmatchable lyricist, so it’s no surprise that her introduction to the world of good music started at a very young age. In a segment called “My First Concert” on “The Tonight Show,” the 26-year-old artist talked … Read more

Cam Says She’s “Obsessed” with Dierks Bentley

Currently, country music superstar (and sweetheart) Cam is touring with fellow-country music superstar (and total hunk) Dierks Bentley. The two talents, who make up the ultimate dream team, are loving being on the road together. “I’m obsessed with Dierks,” Cam said in an interview. But, even though we love and are likewise obsessed with Dierks, … Read more

Dan + Shay Get a Call from Mom on the CMT Music Awards Pink Carpet

Dan + Shay have had one heck of a busy week with the release of their sophomore album, Obsessed, but they have time for their mamas. Shay even accepted a call from his mother while on the pink carpet of the 2016 CMT Music Awards. The duo had just flown in from New York City … Read more

2016 CMT Music Award Winners

The 2016 CMT Music Awards have come and gone and what we’re left with is a spectacular group of winners. This is year, there were definitely some surprise and some “told-you-so” wins, and the show itself was chalk full of jaw-dropping performances, spectacular talent and incredible fashion, but the best part of the evening was … Read more