Dyson’s New Hair Dryer Will Blow You Away

Dyson doesn’t exactly conjure images of hair care products when you think of it. The traditional no-bag vacuum manufacturer is mostly known for its lightweight, bag-free vacuums, as well as for fans and high power bathroom hand dryers. So, Dyson surprised us all when it made a leap into the beauty industry with this lightweight … Read more

We’ve Officially Reached Our Limit on Theologically Hazy Country Christian Songs After Hearing This New One

It’s hard to write country songs. Well, it’s hard to write new country songs. There are actually only about six or so country songs— and they’ve just been getting rewritten over and over ad infinitum. But country duo LOCASH have a new entry: the theologically-hazy Christian revenge country dance ballad. Actually scratch that, Florida Georgia … Read more

This Perfectly Purple Cocktail Will Be Your New Favorite For Girls Nights In

Who doesn’t love a colorful drink? We might have outgrown Kool Aid, but the allure of it hasn’t quite worn off yet. So we were pretty excited to make this beautiful purple cocktail to end our busy days. With cranberry juice, grenadine, and Blue Curacao to make up the purple color, this flavorful drink is … Read more

The Ultimate All-Star Country Music Baseball Lineup

Country music and baseball go hand-in-hand. Both act as American favorites and staples and both are steadfast and true. Many country music stars have baseball pasts and since it’s summer, why not field a country music all-star baseball team? All-Star Country Music Baseball Lineup: 1B // Tyler Farr Farr is just a good ‘ole country … Read more

9 Celebrities Who Totally Rock Reba-Red Hair

This is Reba McEntire. View this post on Instagram Ready for red carpet for @accas to give the Nash Icon Award to my boys Brooks & Dunn. Congrats, guys! A post shared by Reba (@reba) on May 1, 2016 at 4:44pm PDT She’s a badass country music queen, the person we’ve chosen to win the … Read more

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Double-Date with Kelsea Ballerini to Selena Gomez Show in Nashville

You didn’t really think Taylor Swift would skip out on Selena Gomez‘s Nashville tour stop, did you? Not only was she there, she brought along new someone Tom Hiddleston. Word quickly got out to the Swifties in town and they sure went to work on social media. And star couple wasn’t alone. Taylor and Tom … Read more

This Cocktail Looks Like The Ocean And Tastes Like Paradise

Who doesn’t love a cocktail that looks like a the ocean? With summer in full swing, we find this lovely aqua blue and green cocktail hard to resist. Comprised of rum, pineapple juice and Blue Curacao, this drink has the added benefit of going down smoothly. The perfect drink for a girls night in after … Read more

Check Out Taylor Swift’s Swanky New NYC Townhouse

What’s a girl to do when she decides to renovate her Tribeca penthouse? For one girl in particular, Taylor Swift, she just goes and finds an amazing townhouse in New York City’s West Village for a cool $38,000 a month and lives there until construction is completed. That’s a lot of money, but Taylor’s most … Read more

Brad Paisley Helped Plan an Elaborate Proposal for a Special Fan and Then Filmed It For Him

Brad Paisley is pretty into a good love story. And even though he’s a country music legend in the making, he’s still totally willing to help turn a good love story into a great love story. Walking on stage, Jason Smith and his girlfriend Courtney Larger, were greeted by Paisley and thousands of screaming fans– … Read more