Brad Paisley Performs “River Bank,” Tears Up the “GMA” Stage with Demi Lovato

As a part of “Good Morning America“s annual Summer Concert Series, country music icon Brad Paisley took a break from his worldwide Life Amplified tour to take the stage and perform a few of his classic hits, including fan-favorite “River Bank.” The performance, unsurprisingly, was flawless, leaving me wondering why I haven’t already purchased tickets … Read more

The Soup You Don’t Have To Cook

Soup is delicious, particularly in the winter season. But when it’s scorching outside and you’re fighting to stay cool, who wants to fire up the burner and make the kitchen hot? Fortunately, we’ve got a delicious soup that can (and should) be eaten chilled. Top it with soft, decadent burrata cheese, and this is a … Read more

Dustin Lynch Shares the Story Behind “Seein’ Red”

Country music artist Dustin Lynch recently released a new single “Seein’ Red,” and he’s calling it “the song he’s been trying to write his whole career.” “My new single ‘Seein’ Red’ is the song I’ve been looking forward to, trying to writing my whole career,” he told iHeart Radio. “It’s the perfect mashup of sexy, … Read more

This Red White And Blue Star Tart Will Make You A Hero

So you’ve got a last minute 4th of July party but nothing to bring to it. Pies are overdone, cakes too sweet, and everyone’s already bringing something for the BBQ part of the potluck. What’s a party guest to do? Make this lightly sweet, delicious, and somewhat nutritious tart, of course. With a star in … Read more

Rascal Flatts Performs Twang-Heavy “I Like The Sound Of That” on “The Late Show”

Sensational country music group Rascal Flatts has been churning out hits for years now, and they just recently achieved their 16th (!!!) No. 1 single with the twang-heavy, ultra-catchy “I Like The Sound Of That.” The group recently took the stage at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to perform the hit, and they basically … Read more

9 #HowIGotFired Tweets Everyone Who’s Been Fired (or Had a Job) Can Relate To

Anyone who works knows that there are some pretty ridiculous, awkward and downright funny things that can happen in an office or workplace. I mean, the average workplace is a collection of people, with completely separate lives, squished into a building together, breathing the same air and making uncomfortable small talk — so, funny things … Read more

The Definitive Way To Make The Perfect Burger Is Here

You might never want to admit it, but don’t your burgers sometimes resemble a rock or a pile of dirt more than our American favorite? If your burgers are dry, crumbly, and sort of round, you’re going about it all wrong. Overcooking your meat, while safer for people unsure in the kitchen, can make for … Read more

Christina Aguilera Performs Tearjerking “Change” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Following the devastating events in Orlando recently, pop idol Christina Aguilera released a super touching, super emotional song called “Change” to benefit the victims and their families. “The horrific tragedy that occurred in Orlando continues to weigh heavily on my mind,” Christina wrote on her website. “I am sending so much love and so many … Read more