Tour Nashville’s Neatest Guitar Shop With Hudson Moore

You know the expression ‘as happy as a kid in a candy store’? After spending a day with Hudson Moore, I think we should all start saying ‘as happy as a musician in a guitar shop.’ The Texas native spent a morning with me at the famed Gruhn Guitars in Music City. I say “famed” … Read more

6 Perfect Cocktails for the 4th of July

Celebrate your independence with some refreshing and delicious cocktails this 4th of July. Whether you are a beer fan or tequila lover, we’ve got a list of drinks that will keep you cool. 1. Sam Adams Summer “Ale-Fresca” Popsicle Ingredients: Juice from 3 small to medium sized lemons (make sure they smell aromatic), about 1/3 … Read more

8 Lessons I Learned From Adele’s ’25’

Adele’s blockbuster album 25 has been out for 7 months now, and listening with fresh ears reveals even more layers than first realized. The British songstress pulls you in with the alarming “Hello” opener and then bombards you with pop hooks (“Send Me Love”) and inescapable percussion (“I Miss You”) before ripping out your heart … Read more