This Foundation Tutorial Will Keep You Looking Beautiful For Cheap

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New Chipotle Ad Features a GRAMMY Winner and GRAMMY Nominee Covering the Backstreet Boys (And Singing About Burritos, I Think)

I’m literally the one person on this Earth completely unimpressed by Chipotle. Maybe I just have really high standards for everything, so it’s assumed every restaurant should offer me nutritional food with humane animal treatment on the side. Or maybe I don’t really care about nutrition or chickens grown in test tubes. Either way, Chipotle … Read more

6 Country Songs About Man’s Best Friend

What’s the old adage? It’s not a country song until your wife leaves you, your dog runs away and your truck breaks down? While I don’t agree with that, I do think that dogs are a integral part of life and therefore worthy of all the songs and praise we can give them. There are … Read more

Maren Morris Explains How “My Church” Brought Her Back to the Stage

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Science Explains Why Dry Shampoo Might Be Ruining Your Hair

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Dolly Parton Reveals ‘Pure & Simple’ Track Listing

Country queen Dolly Parton recently announced that she would be releasing a new album called Pure & Simple with Dolly’s Biggest Hits. “This new Pure & Simple project is really special to me because I’m taking my fans back to my roots,” Dolly said in a press release. “I feel like these songs have a … Read more

Dustin Lynch Performs Ultra-Sexy “Seein’ Red” on “Conan”

Country music sensation Dustin Lynch made the television debut of his new single “Seein’ Red” on “Conan” last night, and it was flawless, foot-tapping and super sexy. The 31-year-old artist’s sizzling performance of the upbeat country love song was the perfect mix between electric guitar-heavy rock and roll and the twangy country music we love … Read more

10 Times Thomas Rhett’s Dogs Were The Best Things on the Internet

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren might have the most photogenic dogs in the world. (Of course, we aren’t counting Dierks Bentley’s Jake in this equation.) Sometimes, in a non-weird way, I just look at dog photos and feel better about life. Their two wonderful pups, Kona and Cash, are gorgeous animals and when paired … Read more