This Buffalo Chicken Taco Salad Is Quick And Easy

Buffalo chicken with ranch is hard to beat, so it’s no surprise that it’s amazing in salad form as well. This salad is simple to make, delicious, and a huge crowd pleaser for picky families and husbands. Since it’s a taco salad, it’s also perfect for Taco Tuesday. Eat up! Ingredients: 1 cup (8 oz) … Read more

18 Times Chip and Joanna Gaines Were #RelationshipGoals

Chip and Joanna Gaines, of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” have basically become the king and queen of renovating houses. Ever since their show first aired in 2013, they’ve quickly gained (see what I did there?) a massive fan following — but it’s not only because of their unmatchable home renovation skills. Over the past three years, … Read more

Taylor Swift Surprised the Patients of an Australian Children’s Hospital Because That’s the Kind of Person She Is

While in Australia, pop icon Taylor Swift has been getting a lot of questions and press concerning her new beau Tom Hiddleston, her changing style, her epic Fourth of July bash and her ever-growing #GirlSquad — like, the press has been going nuts over her. But, for the 26-year-old talent, her time in the country … Read more

Watch Trent Harmon’s First Ever Video for His Brand New Single “There’s a Girl”

What’s motivates men? If you ask “American Idol” winner Trent Harmon it’s all because “There’s a Girl.” The Mississippi native has released the video for his first single, which features him doing anything he can to get to his girl. Trent wrote the tune with Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins and partnered with director Roman … Read more

7 Things We Learned About Chris Janson While Browsing His Wife’s Instagram

Chris Janson is quite the family man. Kelly Janson, Chris’ wife and inspiration behind the hit song, “Holdin’ Her,” gives us an inside look into Janson’s personal life with the pictures she posts to her Instagram account and they just go to prove that Janson is doing life the right way. Whether it be a … Read more

15 TV Shows Totally Worth the Extra Price of Those Premium Channels

If I could, I would have every channel. I would have the biggest cable package with all the bells and whistles. I love TV, I love diving into new TV shows and becoming completely immersed in that universe. Alas, I cannot afford even the mid-level cable package. So, I have to be really choosy about … Read more

Steven Tyler Still Has Mad Love for Joe Perry

Aeromsith frontman Steven Tyler has tweeted his support for his bandmate Joe Perry. Numerous reports have surfaced that Perry fell ill while on stage in New York and had to be rushed to the hospital. He is in stable condition. Steven and Perry have had it out in the public view recently as they’ve disagreed … Read more

Color Changing Makeup:  Does It Work?

We’ve found a lot of color changing makeup in our day. From green lipstick that changes to pink, to clear lipstick that matches your body’s natural lip color, there’s a lot out there for magical makeup lovers. But there’s one question that’s always on your mind before you check out with that supposed magical makeup: … Read more

John Mayer Just Dropped $100 on Pokemon Go (What a Time To Be Alive)

If you’ve been on the internet (or just part of the living breathing world) over the past week, you’ve probably noticed that Pokemon Go is quite literally taking over the world. The Nintendo-created game has been wildly popular ever since its released in the mid 1990s, but the new smart phone version has taken the … Read more

These Sweet Potato Banana Bites Are A Perfect Way To Start The Day

Whether you’re looking for breakfast or a snack, cooking can be a bit daunting. After all, who wants to spend all that time putting together tons of ingredients in a complicated series of steps? Fortunately, these little bites only have four main ingredients, making them easy to put together for breakfast or snack time. They’re … Read more