Can You Do A Full Face With Children’s Makeup? This Woman Says Yes

Few of us would look at shelves of children’s makeup and think any of it would make a great accessory for our faces, but this woman had other plans. She makes a challenge of the makeup, managing to put together a full face with only little tins of kid makeup. Pretty impressive. And apparently expensive, … Read more

Nelly Sang Thomas Rhett’s “Die A Happy Man” With the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

First and foremost, I’m a big fan of Nelly. I’ve been to more than one of his concerts and I used to have a poster of him in my college dorm room. Now, that being said, I don’t think Nelly belongs in country music, but his cover of Thomas Rhett’s “Die A Happy Man” is … Read more

Justin Moore Says If He Were Alive 100 Years Ago, He’d Be “Robbin’ Trains”

Justin Moore has always had a little bit of outlaw in him and a track from his upcoming album Kinda Don’t Care is a tribute to his old school, outlaw ways. “This is the best piece of music we’ve delivered because it gets more fun each time. Naming the album ‘Kinda Don’t Care‘ is not … Read more

6 Hairstyles That Look Great With Dirty Hair

Check out this familiar scene. It’s 10:45 at night, you’ve got one more episode to watch on Netflix, and you’re dog tired. The idea of a shower sounded great at 8, but then you had dinner, and then this really cool show came on, and then you found a new series to watch. So as … Read more

Brad Paisley Remixes “Without A Fight” for Mashup of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump Convention Speeches (No My Little Pony Though)

Brad Paisley loves pushing political buttons. The latest of his jabs, a mashup of a supposed plagiarized speech from Melania Trump and a speech from Michelle Obama, is nothing, if not topical. Also, the use of his own hit single is genius. It’s pretty funny, and although this remix probably won’t make your local airwaves, … Read more

Adele’s Most Stunning Makeup-Free Photos

There’s no doubt that pop star Adele is famous for more than just her amazing songwriting, singing and performance abilities. Throughout her uber-successful career, the 28-year-old talent has also become known for her, what she calls, “drag-like” makeup — namely her signature cat-eye, super rosy cheeks and red lipstick. But, if we’re being honest, the … Read more

Dierks Bentley is Extending His Somewhere on a Beach Tour (And Trust Us– You Should Go)

If you didn’t get a chance to see Dierks Bentley on his mega-fun, super entertaining Somewhere On a Beach Tour this summer– you’re in luck! The Captain of Country Music just announced he’s extending his headlining tour with the addition of arena dates. Yes, Dierks Bentley and his tour are so hot, they’re providing fans … Read more

Cam Reveals Which Part of Songwriting She Finds “Terrifying”

In a recent interview with The Boot, country music breakout star Cam discussed what it’s like to let fans into the deepest, darkest parts of her soul through her music. “It’s terrifying. I think it’s really heavy to try and explain yourself in that spot,” Cam said. “But the thing that I like about the … Read more

Keep Your Head In The Clouds With This DIY Cloud Lamp

Most of us have spent at least a small part of our childhoods staring up at the clouds, admiring the shapes as they drift by on a windy day. Thunderstorms can be just as mesmerizing, and also super relaxing. But why wait for a thunderstorm to happen when you can capture the awesomeness of clouds … Read more

Maren Morris’ New Puppy Is Probably Cuter Than Your Dog

You know what they say– once you tour with Keith Urban, you have to get a puppy. Maybe no one has actually ever said that, but both of Keith’s current tourmates, Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris, have recently become doting dog parents. Maren’s new pup, June, is a white German Shepherd. Which is a thing. … Read more