YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker Puts 10 Egg Gadgets To The Test And The Results Are Beautiful

Maybe you’ve seen those egg gadgets which turn your sunny side up eggs into cute creatures or smiley faces. You might have wondered at some point if those things actually work. After all, why spend tons of money trying to make your kid’s breakfast exciting if the device just breaks? YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker isn’t … Read more

Mila Kunis Shared Her and Ashton Kutcher’s Love Story (and It’s Insanely Adorable)

Although actors (and total babes) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have known each other for years (think “That ’70s Show”), things between the two of them haven’t always been hot and heavy. In the beginning, Mila basically saw Ashton as an older brother who “did [her] chemistry homework for [her]” and played pranks on her … Read more

Show Your Love For Donald Trump With These Nails

No, we’re not joking. Apparently you can make nails that look just like Donald Trump. Though, why you’d be wanting to do that beats us. Still, if you’re looking for a good joke or you’re just exceptionally bored, this nail tutorial is fairly accurate, down to using cat hair for Trump’s toupee. Which is really … Read more

Dierks Bentley Recorded ‘Different for Girls’ for the Women in His Life

Dierks Bentley‘s new song looks at the differences between men and women in a relationship or, more accurately, after the end of one. It may be “Different for Girls” but as the song says “nobody said it was fair.” One Country caught up with the father of three at the No. 1 party for his … Read more

Use Your Wontons Right With These Won-Tin Tacos

Tacos are usually delicious, but when combined with the chewy and crunchy goodness of wontons, they’re especially hard to resist.

These mini tacos are easy to make and adorable to boot. Layered with cheese, seasoned ground beef, and chewy wontons, these things are excellent for a snack or even a main course. Check out how easy it is to make them.

Inspiring 14-Year-Old Singer Wins Golden Buzzer From One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson on “AGT”

“America’s Got Talent” has found itself another young talent in smiley, adorable 14-year-old singer Jayna Brown. Singing a breathtaking rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up,” Jayna’s audition received a standing ovation from both the audience and the judges, which included guest and former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson, who also happened to get his start … Read more

The Avo-Ciabatta Sandwich Is One You’ve ‘Gotta’ Have

When a sandwich is really good, you know it immediately. This Avo-Ciabatta sandwich is just that, spending only a few seconds in our editorial office before it was devoured. Seriously, it was that good. With egg, bacon, jalapeño, avocado, and cheese, this is a classic breakfast sandwich that you’ll be wanting to eat all day … Read more

Kimberly From The Band Perry Absolutely Destroys Fast Money on “Celebrity Family Feud”

We’ve always suspected that Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry was pretty smart, but now we know. During a recent game of “Celebrity Family Feud,” The Band Perry competed against Giuliana Rancic and her family. In the last round, Kimberly Perry destroyed the fast money round to help her team win $25,000 for Teen Cancer … Read more