These Foundation DOs And DON’Ts Are Everything You Should Know About Foundation

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Tyler Farr Tried a Hardcore Workout and Then Threw Up (And There’s a Video)

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The Ultimate 100 Layer Video To End All 100 Layer Videos

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11 Most Interesting Twitter Bios in Country Music

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Pee-Wee Herman Voicing Over This Intimate Justin Bieber Interview Has to Be the Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Seen on the Internet

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These DIY Pallet Coasters Are Simple To Make And Look Amazing

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Keith Urban Explains How and Why “Blue Ain’t Your Color” is Unlike Any Song He’s Ever Done Before

Keith Urban’s latest record, Ripcord, features some unique songs. Especially when it comes to “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” which is totally unlike anything Urban has done before. “I got sent this one song called ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color.’ I love the title first of all, and the song just hit me. Lyrically and melodically, it … Read more

The Band Perry Sets to Return to Country Radio, Offers Up Strange Cover Art for a Trio of Siblings

In theory, I have nothing against the Band Perry. Earlier this year the trio of siblings parted ways with Big Machine Label Group and signed on with Universal Music Group in a joint deal with Interscope and Mercury Nashville. Mostly, the new record deal transitioned a move to pop. This all came on the heels … Read more

I Love Dolly Parton, But This Is the Creepiest Instagram I’ve Ever Seen

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How To Actually Make One Of Those Insane Mirror Glaze Cakes

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This Artist Turned Disney Princesses Into Mothers and the Results are Perfection

While I love them, Disney movies tend to paint a wildly unrealistic picture of, well, everything. They turn falling in love into an easy, breezy affair, they turn beauty into a pore-less, rosy-cheeked face and, often, they skew motherhood into looking like evil stepmothers and unloving witches — honestly, really glad that one isn’t reality. … Read more