Brad Paisley Is the New Voice of Those “Nationwide Is On Your Side” Commercials

Everyone knows those famous Nationwide commercials, right? They’re the ones with the catchy “Nationwide is on your side” jingle that gets stuck in your head on repeat for literal days. Well, now, our friend and country music icon Brad Paisley will be the voice of the brilliant slogan. Take a listen. “My manager called me … Read more

Carrie Underwood Turned “Somethin’ Bad” Into the Most Epic “Sunday Night Football” Theme of All Time

I don’t know what it is exactly, but something about Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert‘s “Somethin’ Bad” gets me incredibly pumped up — like, I’m ready to climb a mountain or run a marathon after listening to it. And now, to my great excitement, I get to listen to the song (or at least a … Read more

“The Voice” Season 11 Promo Is Like a Sparkly Version of “Men in Black”

During the months when “The Voice” is on break, I go through a little bit of a withdrawal. Not only do I love seeing what kind of talented competitors try out for the show, but I also love seeing the camaraderie between the coaches — Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are my all-time favorite bromance. … Read more

Martina McBride Just Spent 40 Minutes Perfecting Her Selfie Game

Oh, the selfie. What was once a simple tool used to snap a photo when no one else was a around has become a cultural phenomenon that requires a strong arm, a precise angle, good lighting and a puckered face — a talent celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian have all perfected. … Read more

Get These Groovy Water Marble Nails With A Few Simple Steps

Nothing quite says 1960’s like these beautiful water marble nails. These look super complicated, but they actually can’t be easier to make, even if you don’t consider yourself a nail artist. The water marble pattern creation is mesmerizing, and goes a long way towards satisfying your artistic cravings. If you do several nails at once, … Read more

Thomas Rhett Loves “Helping People Pretend Like They’re On Vacation” with His Latest Single

Country music sensation Thomas Rhett‘s latest single “Vacation” has been a hit song for much longer than you probably realize. Before the 26-year-old artist released the track, or even the album, he was playing the song at stops along Jason Aldean’s Set This Circus Down Tour. “The fact that it went over so well live … Read more

Watch This YouTuber Poke Fun At Your Favorite Olympic Sports

“Anyone can put on some spandex and pedal a bike, but not just anybody has the Chemistry knowledge to beat the world’s best anti-doping chemical protection procedures.” “Except Canada has a policy against winning a medal in the summer games for some reason.” Yes, it’s one of those videos. This hilariously accurate skit goes through … Read more

Florida Georgia Line Find Inspiration in Treehouse

In 2014, Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley partnered with “Treehouse Masters” to create a unique space at his Tennessee home. Since then, the treehouse has been put to good use. “A lot of hits have been written in that treehouse, so it’s good,” says bandmate Tyler Hubbard. “A lot of singing, a lot of writing, … Read more