These Women Have Their Eyebrows Tattooed, And The Results Are Surprising

Most of us dream of thicker, fuller, and perfectly shaped eyebrows. We spend countless time, money, and energy worrying about what they look like, and we fret when they’re not quite up to snuff. Eyebrow pencils are gone before you can blink, and we’ve tried just about everything out there to achieve perfect brows. Almost … Read more

Luke Bryan’s Brand New “Southern Gentleman” is Making the Ladies Go Crazy

Forget the dance moves, Luke Bryan is winning crowds over with a new, unreleased tune that’s all about what it takes to love a lady. “Southern Gentleman” is all about a young man raised to love a woman right. I was raised to stand up when you walk in the doorSpin you around an old … Read more

Normal People Try The Children’s Makeup Challenge

Maybe you’ve already seen the kids’ makeup challenge in all its glory. YouTubers attempt to put on makeup using only the stuff you’d find in a children’s store. That’s always pretty entertaining to watch, but most of the people taking on the challenge are excellent makeup artists. What they come up with isn’t too shabby. … Read more

Let’s Take a Deep Dive Into This Photo Sam Hunt Posted to Instagram

Sam Hunt is notoriously vague on social media. If he’s not going weeks and weeks in between posts on Instagram, he’s posting photos with no caption or very little explanation. Most recently, he posted this photo to the ‘gram. It’s a nice photo, clearly shot in the woods. But, like, what is happening here? … Read more

Blake Shelton to Join Luke Bryan for Crash My Playa 2017

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan are headed to the beach! Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa is schedule for Jan. 19-22, 2017 and this time, “The Voice” coach will be along for the ride. The all-inclusive concert vacation includes four nightly concerts with a slew of performers. For the third year, Luke will headline two evenings. … Read more

13 Songs for When You Feel Like Giving Up

We’ve all had bad days. Maybe your had a run in with a co-worker or maybe you stubbed your toe getting out of bed and things got worse from there. It happens. If you’re anything like me, when you’re in one of these moods you like to blare some upbeat songs with the windows as … Read more

Blake Shelton Thinks You’ll be Better for Having Heard RaeLynn Sing

Blake Shelton first met RaeLynn when she walked out on stage to perform her blind audition on “The Voice.” She was pretty ballsy at the time, performing “Hell on Heels” by the Pistol Annies — which is led by Blake’s then-wife Miranda Lambert. Blake turned his chair and it was love at first sight. Brotherly … Read more

Michael Phelps Helps Katie Ledecky Arrange Her Medals For A Photo Shoot Because He’s Kind Of A Pro At It By Now

The most decorated Olympian of all time apparently has another talent: arranging medals. Phelps has obviously had a lot of practice in the last 20 years at putting on multiple medals, so it makes sense that he’s the reigning expert at it in this photo shoot with Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles. Michael explains his … Read more

12 Creepy Comments from Kids That Will Scare the Crap Out of You

Most things that preschoolers say fall into one of two categories: cute or funny. Unfortunately, there’s also a third category: creepy. Recently, a group of moms were asked to share the creepiest things they witnessed their kids doing, and these were their stories. 12 Creepy Kid Comments: 1. You’ll be gone forever. My son ran … Read more

Taylor Swift Donated $1 Million to Louisiana for Flood Relief

Taylor Swift has done it again. After some of the worst flooding in the history of Louisiana, Taylor has stepped up monetarily to the sum of $1 million. Swift told The Associated Press, “We began The 1989 World Tour in Louisiana, and the wonderful fans there made us feel completely at home. The fact that … Read more