13 P!nk Songs You Should Know if You Love Her Kenny Chesney Duet

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got Kenny Chesney and P!nk‘s “Setting the World on Fire” on repeat. While the new duet is a perfect mixture of two awesome singers, I started to think that maybe not everyone in country music grew up with P!nk as I did. Yes, the first time I saw her … Read more

Jana Kramer Performs Sassy “Said No One Ever” at the Grand Ole Opry

Country artist, actress, mother and all-around stunner Jana Kramer‘s most recent hit “Said No One Ever” is one of the most fun country music tracks I’ve heard in a while. Off her latest album thirty one (which also features the Gold-certified single “I Got The Boy“), the track is super cute, super sassy and sure … Read more

Jessie Graff Redefines Fit By Becoming The First Woman To Complete Stage One Of The American Ninja Warrior Finals Course

American Ninja Warrior is fun to watch on its own, as athletes leap through obstacles that make the rest of us feel like major couch potatoes. As fun as it is to watch, though, not very many women are represented in the finals because the obstacles often require upper body strength that doesn’t exactly come … Read more

9 Fashion Rules Any Girl Can Learn From Miranda Lambert

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12-Year-Old Tegan Marie Performs Fun, New Single “Lucky Me”

At only 12 years old, country music singer Tegan Marie has been making big waves in the entertainment community. Ever since her cover of Florida Georgia Line‘s “H.O.L.Y.” hit the internet, the talented youngster has been catapulted into the spotlight and, in a sense, become an overnight sensation. But, with her powerful voice, impressive covers … Read more

Grace VanderWaal Wows with Original Song “Light The Sky” at “America’s Got Talent” Semifinals

Honestly, I’m running out of positive adjectives to attach to 12-year-old singer-songwriter and “America’s Got Talent” contestant Grace VanderWaal‘s name. I mean, she’s absolutely stunning in every way, I’ll just leave it at that. Throughout her time on “AGT,” the talented youngster has continually blown America away with her original music — and last night … Read more

13 Timeless ’90s Country Love Songs

Is it me or were love songs in the ’90s just better? It’s probably me and my ’90s nostalgia, I know, but I don’t think you can compare anything to that time George Strait sang about slipping a note to a girl with whom he’d eventually grow old. Or that time Tim McGraw asked God … Read more

Thomas Rhett Shares Why He Thinks His Wife is More Popular Than Him

Thomas Rhett isn’t afraid to admit that people might like his wife Lauren more than they like him. During a recent interview with HANK FM, Thomas admitted that “she’s way more famous than I am” and mentioned that he will likely retire as soon as Lauren gets more Instagram followers than him. View this post … Read more

One Woman Attempts To Color In Her Eyebrows With A Tattoo Pen

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8 Liquid Lipsticks That Will Keep You Looking Fresh All Season Long

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