This Baby Just Gave a Pretty Spectacular Performance of Florida Georgia Line’s “H.O.L.Y” and We Can’t Un-See It

You guys, we’ve got a future thespian right here! Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley shared this video of a young fan, who he called “adorable.” This kid is more than an adorable, it’s lip-synching are spot on! And check out those expressions. Too cute!

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Part Ways After 12 Weeks

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are no more. After a whirlwind romance of 12 weeks full of travel, concerts and a few Twitter feuds, Taylor and Tom are on a long-term break. Probably forever. Though the two had met each other’s parents they didn’t make it to the end of their May-December romance. According to … Read more

Take Everything You Know About Chocolate Chip Cookies, And Shrink Them

It’s hard to find someone out there who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the perfect chocolate chip cookie is hard to resist no matter the size. This guy takes that sentiment to heart with the creation of these super miniature chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are so … Read more

Faith Hill Singing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” on the Way to College with Daughter Maggie Is Everything

Just 10 years ago, Taylor Swift made her way into the country music business with her debut single, “Tim McGraw.” Now, Tim’s superstar wife Faith HIll and second daughter, Maggie, are singing Taylor together as they head to college move-in day. Faith shared the endearing video to Instagram and first, that car is packed just … Read more

These 10 Super Lazy Ways To Curl Your Hair Might Be Your New Favorite Thing

We’re all busy, and that means that sometimes we skimp in the beauty department. We procrastinate, trying to avoid new skills because they might take us a bit of extra time in the mornings. Or, half awake, we go back to our old standby of hair preparation, avoiding trying anything new or overly dramatic. If … Read more

Jake Owen Seduces With a Cover of John Mayer’s “Comfortable”

Hot dog! Jake Owen stopped by the Bobby Bones Show and pulled out his guitar. While performing one his own songs is an easy way to make the ladies weak in the knees, Jake pulled off a very nice surprise. He covered John Mayer‘s “Comfortable,” a sweet song about missing one’s ex. Jake might’ve joked … Read more

Jana Kramer’s First Influence Was Patsy Cline

Jana Kramer is a big Patsy Cline fan. The songstress reveals that she fell in love with the beloved country songstress in a similar way to many fans. “My first influence was actually a country influence: Patsy Cline,” she says. “My grandma still has the little cassette tape in her kitchen. All she would do … Read more

Rory Feek Saw His Wife ‘Come Back to Life’ in the “To Joey, With Love” Documentary

The love story of Joey Martin and Rory Feek has captivated me for years. The pair found each other and cultivated a way of life that they wanted live, which was — in a word — simple. The pair bought a farm south of Nashville, cultivated their own land and built careers playing the music … Read more

This Woman Attempts To Use A Robot To Paint Her Nails And The Results Are Both Hilarious And Disastrous

It seems like the toy market never runs out of ways to make a quick buck. If you’ve ventured into the toy aisle lately, you might have noticed some really strange inventions that make your childhood toys seem like caveman toys. This nail painting robot is one of those things, only it doesn’t work quite … Read more

Miley Cyrus Says She’s More Than a Little Competitive and She’s Ready to Win “The Voice”

MIley Cyrus knows what it takes to succeed in the music industry. Not only did she grow up with a dad in the business, she experienced stardom pretty young as the star of “Hannah Montana” on the Disney Channel. Miley sat down with “Entertainment Tonight” to discuss her roots and her fresh take on NBC’s … Read more

Would You Try This Egg White Face Mask?

Face masks come in a variety of types, but the humble egg white mask has been around for awhile. This popular drugstore brand egg white mask is loved in many parts of the world, but does it really work? This YouTuber braves hair loss and skin damage to find out, and the results are surprisingly … Read more