Chase Rice Goes Muddin’ With His Friends in His “Everybody We Know Does” Video

Chase Rice is having a good time in the clip for his “Everybody We Know Does” video. From muddin’ to tailgating, Rice’s new clip reflects the words of his blue collar anthem. The singer praises the simple life with lines like: Not everybody throwsTheir empties in a truck bedPours sweat offForty hours for a pay … Read more

Tom Hanks Crashed This Lucky Couple’s Wedding Pics (and I’m So Jealous)

Turns out, Tom Hanks isn’t only an incredible actor, but he’s also the best and most adorable wedding crasher. During newlyweds Elizabeth and Ryan’s wedding day photo shoot in Central Park recently, Tom casually walked over and joined the two for a few candid shots — no big deal. “He walked up to them unprovoked,” … Read more

Justin Moore Makes the First Move in His New Single “Somebody Else Will”

Justin Moore earned his sixth No. 1 single with “You Look Like I Need a Drink” and now he’s looking forward to his next release. “Somebody Else Will” is the second single from Kinda Don’t Care a depicts a man getting up the courage to say hello to a love interest. Been sittin’ here tippin’ … Read more

Seth Meyers Tried Really Hard to Be Friends with Miley Cyrus (and It Was a Huge Fail)

Love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that pop icon, actress and philanthropist Miley Cyrus seems like a fun person to hang out with. I mean, she’s carefree and, no doubt, knows how to have a good time — or at least Seth Meyers thinks so. During Miley’s most recent visit to “Late … Read more

Women Try 4 Edible Makeup Products And Find Out That They’re Not So Edible After All

We’ve seen makeup products advertised as ‘edible’, but are they really edible? Makeup manufacturers might want to rethink their labels after watching this video. Turns out, most edible makeup is not as tasty as it might look or smell. One of these unfortunate souls laments that the makeup should say, “Hey, not food. But if … Read more

Thomas Rhett Reveals Upcoming Release Of His ‘Tangled Up Deluxe’ Album

Thomas Rhett has had a lot on his mind with the platinum certified success of his sophomore album, Tangled Up, but he has even more to celebrate with the upcoming release of Tangled Up Deluxe on October 28th. This 18 track album features originals of every type, including his new single “Star Of The Show”, … Read more

Forget Drinking Games, This is the Most Positive Way to Watch (and Enjoy) the Presidential Debate

As the country gears up to hire a new President, we’re also gearing up to watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tear each other apart on national television during the presidential debates. The candidates will take part in three scheduled debates and as every other website in the world tells you to play a drinking … Read more

15 Movies You Need to See This Fall

The dog days of summer movies are finally winding down and you know what that means — an onslaught of Oscar-buzzed movies are headed our way. This year in particular, the fall movie lineup is stacked with some exciting heavy-hitters. From fantastical flicks like “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” to thrillers like “Passengers,” to … Read more

Get Rid Of Jingling Unorganized Keys Forever With This Futuristic Key Holder

If you’re like most of us, you’ve got way more keys than you wish you did, all piled onto one keyring with very little room for anything else. You fumble with them at doors, drop them in parking lots, and make a huge racket just leaving the house or work. Coming home involves sorting through … Read more

7 Reasons to Cut Your Mother-In-Law Some Slack

When I first married my husband nearly 10 years ago, my mother-in-law and I had a strained relationship. Our personalities clashed in so many ways, and I didn’t appreciate her unsolicited advice; but slowly throughout the years our relationship has changed. We’ve both learned to hold our tongues when we don’t agree, and even to … Read more