This 3 Minute Elegant Hairstyle Is One None Of Your Friends Know How To Do

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Hillary Scott’s Daughter Tops Off Thrilling Disneyland Trip By Serenading Her Favorite Disney Characters

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4 Normal People Go Without Shampoo For A Week And It Isn’t Pretty

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Kelly Clarkson Says Her Daughter is a Terrorist and She’s Done Having Kids

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Laurie Hernandez’s Jazz Routine To Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” Was Energetic And A Little Bit Sexy

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Jennifer Nettles Admits She Doesn’t Like to Wear Makeup Further Proving She’s Perfect

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Let’s Talk About This Outfit Reba McEntire Wore During Her Grand Ole Opry Induction

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25 Toast Ideas That Can Save You In A Meal Bind

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Garth Brooks Crashed a Songwriter Night and Made Everyone’s Day

The Bluebird Cafe is a Nashville institution. Fans flock to the venue to hear songwriters and artists alike perform (and share the origins) of some of country’s biggest songs. On Oct. 3, tunesmiths Pat Alger, Tony Arata, Kent Blazy and Victoria Shaw were playing a show when they got a very special guest. Garth Brooks … Read more