Melissa Etheridge Turned Her 1993 Hit “I’m The Only One” Into an 11-Minute, One-Woman Band Acoustic Performance

If you had ears in the mid-90s, you probably listened to your fair share of Melissa Etheridge. Her Yes I Am album from 1993 featured the hits, “Come to My Window,” “If I Wanted To” and “I’m The Only One.” “Come to My Window” and “I’m The Only One” were nominated for Best Rock Song … Read more

Yes, You Can Curl Your Hair With Balloons, And It Really Works

We’ve seen a lot of strange ways to curl your hair in recent times, but this one is pretty new. apparently you can curl your hair with balloons. Yes, any old balloon. We were kind of shocked too. Turns out, they make for pretty good heatless curls. This is a perfect hairstyle for when you … Read more

These Lipstick Hacks Might Change How You Do Your Makeup

Lipstick is hard to get perfectly right every time, but with these hacks, you won’t be having that problem again. These awesome hacks teach you how to store your lipstick for travel, a fail proof way to put on your lipstick just right, and even easy ways to give your lips that hombre style you’re … Read more

Justin Timberlake is the Most Charming Man in the World, Even While Doing This Terrible Dance Move

Justin Timberlake, the reigning Prince of Pop, is an all-around entertainer. The Tennessee Kid can sing, dance, play guitar, act, deliver a punch line and look really, really good doing absolutely nothing. He’s just a talented man. Recently, during an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” Timberlake joined a fan in the audience to really … Read more

Maddie & Tae Say Shania Twain Was The Bomb 20 Years Ago and She’s Still The Bomb Today

Later this month Shania Twain will be honored as the CMT Artist of a Lifetime Award during the 2016 CMT Artists of the Year celebration. Twain, a five-time GRAMMY winner, was selected for her indelible impact and achievements in country music. Not only that, she inspired a generation of female country music singers to go … Read more

Lady Gaga Performs Country Ballad “Million Reasons” in Nashville, Also: She Wants You to Call Her Joanne

Lady Gaga is a complex character and now, she wants you to call her Joanne. The artist formerly known as Lady Gaga, but now going by Joanne, was in Nashville on her #DiveBarTour where she played at The 5 Spot. The entire show was broadcast on Facebook Live. View this post on Instagram Call me … Read more

Vince Gill’s Emotional Performance of “Go Rest High on That Mountain” During Arnold Palmer’s Memorial Service Will Bring You to Tears

Vince Gill originally started writing “Go Rest High on That Mountain” after the death of country music sensation Keith Whitley in 1989. It took Gill another 4 years and the death of his brother to finish the tune. Since it was released in 1995 it went on to be CMA’s Song of the Year and … Read more

Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Attempts To Teach ‘Average Andy’ How To Use The Balance Beam On “Ellen” And It’s Pretty Disastrous

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is the most decorated American gymnast in history, so she makes her routines look insanely easy. Ellen’s producer Andy Lassner finds out the hard way that it’s a little harder than it looks when Simone attempts to teach him basic balance beam techniques. This results in a lot of falling, a … Read more