William Michael Morgan Thinks We All Need to Go “Missing” From Time to Time

William Michael Morgan‘s career is on the rise, with his first single “I Met a Girl” hitting the top spot on the charts. His next single, “Missing,” is an upbeat tune about getting away from the world. “Life will beat you down and I think everybody’s gotta get ‘Missing’ sometimes,” WMM told One Country. “People … Read more

12 Celebrities Who Are More Excited About Fall Than You Are

Fall is here! The leaves are crispy, pumpkin spice lattes are rampant and flannels have made their way out of closets everywhere. For a lot of people, this is the best time of year. Not only is the weather perfect, but fall fashion trends are the absolute best and everything is pumpkin-flavored — sometimes inappropriately, … Read more

Katy Perry Delivers Stunning Rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at Children’s Hospital Fundraising Gala

At the Children’s Hospital L.A. Fundraising Gala recently, pop icon Katy Perry lit up the stage with her stunning rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and her heart-felt story about how the organization has changed her life. “I had a life-changing experience of my own when I got to visit the Children’s Hospital in December. … Read more

10 Nail Art Attempts That People Definitely Didn’t Nail

Some things are best left to the professionals. Nail art is definitely one of those things, unless you’ve got an incredibly steady hand and a lot of talent with art. That was not the case with these nail art fails, which left a lot to be desired in the aesthetics department. Whether it was poor … Read more

NFL Player Lost a Team Competition, So He Had to Warm-Up in a T-Rex Costume

If you weren’t a fan of the Arizona Cardinals before, you might be now. Or maybe, if you weren’t a fan of dinosaurs, you might be now. Patrick Peterson, a cornerback for Cardinals, likes to participate in the team’s quarterback accuracy competitions for some reason. According to the team’s starting QB, Carson Palmer, Peterson cannot … Read more

10 Weird Pumpkin Decoration Ideas That Don’t Involve Carving

Whether you’ve got little ones or not, sometimes you want to escape the traditional confines of the carved pumpkin to create something a little different. Maybe you don’t want the mess this year, or maybe carved and half rotting pumpkins just aren’t your style. Regardless of the reasoning, these DIY pumpkins really set the bar … Read more

Lauren Alaina Offers Support to Younger Versions of Herself in the “Road Less Traveled” Video

Lauren Alaina is offering love and understanding to younger versions of herself in the video for “Road Less Traveled.” In the new clip, which was directed by Chris Hicky, Alaina helps herself through bullying by people and the mirror. She pulls each version together as they take charge of their thoughts about their image.

New “Gilmore Girls” Photos … and What They Could Mean for the New Episodes

I’m so excited for the new “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” that I’m devouring any new information, like these pics. But what could they mean? Well, neither of the girls is wearing a wedding ring (same goes for Luke) in any of the photos. But we can’t always see their ring fingers and … Read more

Celebrate Halloween Early With This Blood Orange Connection Cocktail

With the kids gearing up for one of their favorite holidays of the year, it can be easy to forget that adults can celebrate Halloween in style too. Instead of plopping down in the living room, munching on your kid’s Halloween candy (we know you’ve done it before), try this Effen Blood Orange Connection cocktail. … Read more

10 Best CMA Song of the Year Winners (From the Last 20 Years)

As we prepare for the 50th Annual CMA Awards it’s important to look back at the past to remember where country music started and where’s going. The CMA’s recent “Forever Country” did an excellent job of examining the “then” of country music and the “now” by mashing up three classic country music songs and 30 … Read more

Underwater Foundation Application Might Be The Makeup Wave Of The Future

We’ve seen a lot of different makeup tools in our day, from staple gun eyelash applicators to eyebrows in a bottle. Some of these products are gimmick, and some really do work, but it turns out our makeup secret weapon might have been around all along. Apparently, if you dip your face in water just … Read more