Kelsea Ballerini Partied With Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift and Elle King at the CMA Awards

It’s official, Kelsea Ballerini had the most fun at the CMA Awards. So, first, she arrived at the show with her picture perfect boyfriend, Morgan Evans. View this post on Instagram ❤️ A post shared by Kelsea Ballerini (@kelseaballerini) on Nov 2, 2016 at 4:49pm PDT Then, she found Jennifer Garner backstage and relived the … Read more

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John Osborne Was So Convinced Brothers Obsorne Weren’t Going to Win Duo of the Year He Drank Too Much Before the CMAs

Yep, that’s right. John Osborne had one too many before taking the stage to accept the Duo of the Year Award at the 50th Annual CMA Awards.

The singer and his brother were absolutely adorable backstage at the awards show as they showed genuine shock and appreciation for the accolade.

John told One Country and other press outlets that he was so sure that Florida Georgia Line would take the title, he drank too much before the show.

“I drank way too much, because I didn’t think we would even come close,” John said. “I’m almost convinced it’s an elaborate hoax.”

It took all we had to not fall down in the aisle and curl up in tears,” added his brother T.J.




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Cam Was Okay with Losing CMA Song of the Year to Lori McKenna Because She’s So “Humble and Kind”

There’s no doubt that the CMA Song of the Year category was stacked this year. Among the five songs nominated was “Burning House,” which was both co-written and recorded by Cam.

During the red carpet festivities last night, the 31-year-old singer took some time to talk to us about what the nomination meant to her. When asked what she would do if “Humble and Kind” writer Lori McKenna beat her, Cam quickly replied, “Cry happy tears.”

“She’s who I’m hoping will beat me, she’s amazing,” Cam continued. “I’d be just as happy for her as for me because I feel like she’s been writing a lot longer, I think she’s a better writer and she’s further along. So, I think she deserves it.”

So, I think it’s safe to say that Lori, who did go on to win the award, has the support of Cam and the rest of the country music community behind her.

Jimmy Kimmel Appears In Holographic Form And Plays With Puppets in Nashville

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Somehow, Charley Pride Never Saw the “Forever Country” Video (He Was In), So I Showed It To Him

Charley Pride is a living legend, a former CMA Entertainer of the Year, member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry. As a part of the CMA “Forever Country” mashup, Pride was featured as one of 30 former CMA winners in the song.

The video was released about 6 weeks prior to the 50th Annual CMA Awards and has close to 7 million views on YouTube. Somehow, Pride, who was featured in the opening number of the show, had not seen the song he was a part of.

Since no one had showed him the video, I felt it very necessary to make sure he saw it. I think he wanted a little more screen time, but otherwise he liked it.

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