You Can Now Download Netflix Content for Offline Viewing at No Additional Cost

Ever been in the middle of a binge session had to go offline? Whether it’s a road trip, flight or power outage, losing your wifi connection can be maddening! Netflix is now allowing its members to download content to their mobile devices for offline viewing. And it’s included in your Netflix plan already. No additional … Read more

This Designer Makeup Sponge Might Replace Your Beauty Blender

Baking is a makeup technique that most of us use, but usually with whatever we’ve got lying around. This means uneven coverage, messed up contouring, and flawed makeup looks. Fortunately, the Cake and Bake makeup baking sponge will solve some of those problems. With a special shape and material, this sponge is designed specifically for … Read more

Reba McEntire Gives Nostalgic Performance of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” on “The Talk”

Reba McEntire is perfect. Her voice is flawless and she’s able to deliver songs with such genuine emotion. She performed the classic “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” on “The Talk” giving me all the holiday feels. She also shows off her true professionalism around the 2:28 mark, when she accidentally starts into the wrong verse, … Read more

Combine Sweet and Sour With This Cranberry Martini

This is a holiday drink if we’ve ever seen one. Nothing quite says the holidays like cranberries (although there’s that added drawback of having to deal with cranberry sauce). Good cranberries, though, can really add some warmth to any setup. Prepare them right, and the taste is also pretty hard to resist. This cranberry martini … Read more

10 Original Christmas Songs That Aren’t Terrible

Here’s the thing about Christmas music— it’s been around forever, some people like the old school versions, some people don’t. Then, there are the people that listen to it year-round. Then, there are the people that protest listening to it before certain days of the year. All of these things add up to some pretty … Read more

Keith Urban Invites Kiwi First Responders to His New Zealand Tour Date Following Recent Earthquakes

Keith Urban may be known to most as an Australian, but the singer-songwriter was actually born near Wellington, New Zealand. He’s returning to the land of his birth for his first-ever performance. After the Nov. 14 earthquake — which affected the South Island and Wellington — Keith is showing his support for first responders. “We … Read more

Cam Invited a Young Fan On Stage to Perform “Burning House” and It Was the Sweetest

Around here, we love Cam. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist who puts out killer music, but she’s insanely kind and genuinely sweet — and last night was further proof of that. During her show at The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio, Cam invited a fan named Cecilia to join her on stage for … Read more

Blake Shelton and Ellen Play “Wet Head” with Two Very Excited Fans

One of my favorite parts of Ellen DeGeneres‘ show is the games she plays with her celebrity guests. I like watching the segments because it turns these cool, seemingly untouchable celebrities into kids again — basically, it’s funny. Well, during his most recent visit to “The Ellen Show,” country icon Blake Shelton was asked to … Read more

Grilled Peach Bourbon Recipe Will Add Some Spice To Your Holiday Get Togethers

Peaches aren’t just for summer. Sometimes you need a bit of that classic peach flavor, even once the weather gets cold. Paired with a bourbon, this drink is perfect for any occasion, and it’s delicious too. Throw it together in minutes and never suffer for lack of drink ideas again. Check it out.

Tim McGraw Offers Comfort in the Heartbreaking New Trailer for “The Shack”

“The Shack” is a story of tested faith. The book garnered millions of fans since its release in 2007. It was actually self-published and became a best-seller as people found solace in its message. “The Shack” is now coming to the big screen, starring Sam Worthington (from “Avatar”) and our very own Tim McGraw. The … Read more

“AGT” Winner Grace VanderWaal Has Officially Released Her Debut EP ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ and It’s Like, Really Good

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 12-year-old singer-songwriter and ukeleleist Grace VanderWaal is one of the most talented youngsters to ever hit the music scene. Ever since being introduced to her during season 11 of “America’s Got Talent,” I’ve been eagerly awaiting a debut album from the singer — and it’s finally … Read more