Liam Neeson is the Worst Santa Claus Ever

No offense, Liam Neeson, but you’re terrifying. I mean he’s made a career out of being intimidating. Sure, there’s “Love Actually” where is the sweet widower, but that isn’t the first image of Liam Neeson that usually comes to mind. The actor did this awesome bit for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” where he … Read more

You Can Cruise the Caribbean With Sister Hazel, Better Than Ezra and Many, Many More

If you love music and beaches, this is the vacation for you. Sister Hazel is heading out on their 17th Rock Boat cruise in February 2017 and there are still rooms available. This year’s cruise will include Walk Off The Earth, Ben Rector, Better Than Ezra, Green River Ordinance and many more. Sister Hazel have … Read more

This Vodka Hot Chocolate Recipe Will Change How You Feel About Hot Chocolate

It’s hard not to love the sweet combination of vodka and vanilla. When combined with hot chocolate, these flavors make for a cocktail you won’t be able to stop drinking. If you’ve got a get together planned, whip out a few batches of this stuff and watch the smiles begin. Check it out.

Kelsea Ballerini Shares Romantic Pictures From East Tennessee

Kelsea Ballerini has returned to her native East Tennessee for the end of the year. She’s brought her boyfriend, Morgan Evans, along and is sharing some picturesque scenes from a state that personifies beauty, even in the winter. Among their travels was a stop at the famous Blackberry Farm: View this post on Instagram Blackberry … Read more

Bubbly Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe Makes For A Refreshing End To Your Week

If you’re having a long week, nothing quite feels as good as sitting down to a refreshing drink. This Effen Vodka with grapefruit juice is one you’ll want to make over and over again. Pair it with your evening meal for a refreshing end to the day. It’s also super easy to throw together. Check … Read more

17 Updated Fan Club Names for Country Music Stars

There are some pretty cool fan club names out there– BeyHive, Beliebers, Swifties, the Church Choir and on and on it goes. Recently, I noticed that some of my (our) favorite country music singers don’t have fan club names and it’s almost 2017 and that just isn’t right. 17 Updated Fan Club Names for Country … Read more

High Valley Talk About How Their Mennonite Upbringing Influenced Their Sound

High Valley were on “CBS This Morning” to talk about their music and upbringing. The brothers, Brad and Curtis Rempel, grew up in a remote part of Alberta, Canada, so far out that TV and radio weren’t an option. “We were allowed to listen to the radio but when you turned it on there was … Read more

Garth Brooks Shared The Best Way to Make Any Marriage Work Forever After Detailing His Perfect Proposal to Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks is quite the romantic. There’s no man on Earth who gushes about their wife as much as Garth gushes about Trisha Yearwood. During a recent interview on “Live with Kelly,” Garth and Trisha both sat to discuss their relationship and got asked one really important question, “how do you make it work all … Read more

This Double Chocolate S’mores Martini Recipe Is Impossible To Put Down

Twice the chocolate, twice the fun. Combined with alcohol, this is one you won’t want to miss.. Seriously, if you’re into sweet, creamy drinks with a bit of a kick, this one is hard to say no to. Serve it at your next get together, or put it together for a sweet night alone. You … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Helps Two Longtime Fans Get Engaged During Her Concert

During her 2nd annual Miracle on Broadway benefit show in Nashville, pop icon Kelly Clarkson helped two longtime fans get engaged — and it was the sweetest. Right after performing for her fans who opted for the VIP Winter Wonderland experience, the 34-year-old singer invited a woman named Kiana onto the stage. After introducing her … Read more

Tim McGraw and Chris Janson Went Into a Bathroom to Perform “How I’ll Always Be” And It Was Awesome

Two men walk into a bathroom and out comes some beautiful music. Tim McGraw tapped Chris Janson for this impromptu, backstage performance of his hit “How I’ll Always Be.” They even took the band into the bathroom. Check it out: View this post on Instagram That's how I'll always be. @thetimmcgraw A post shared by … Read more