17 Good Deeds Country Singers Did in 2016

Country singers are the best people around. I could list numerous reasons why but perhaps the largest is because of their willingness to do good deeds. From donating to charities that mean the world to them to helping others when disaster strikes, country singers came out to help their fellow man in 2016. This is … Read more

Hear the First Snippet of Emma Watson Singing in the New “Beauty and the Beast” Movie

“Beauty and the Beast” was one of the most important films of my childhood. I have seen Disney’s animated version probably 10,000 times over the course of my life. It’s a perfect movie. I’m so excited and terrified for the new live action version to be released. I really don’t want anyone to mess it … Read more

Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Marlow Moonlights as Hairdresser

Have no fear, if you’re hanging out with Maddie & Tae‘s Maddie Marlow and you have a hair emergency, you’re in the clear. The songstress shared this adorable clip of her styling one of their band guy’s ‘do. She’s got some technique going on to create that speak on the top of his dead. I … Read more

Miranda Lambert’s Dad Named Her New Album

Miranda Lambert’s The Weight of These Wings, arguably the most anticipated country music release of 2016, spent 2 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Album Charts and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, which spans all genres. The double album ended up being 24 songs full of vulnerability, vices … Read more

Combine Two Of Your Favorite Things With This Fireball Infused Apple Pie Recipe

We all love dessert, and we all love booze. So when it’s combined into one thing, what’s not to like? This Fireball infused apple pie is something you won’t be able to put down. Try it out and see if you can resist the temptation to eat it all in one sitting. Fireball Infused Apple … Read more

12 Cutest Wedding Moments of 2016

Although 2016 hasn’t been my favorite year, it has been a pretty good one for weddings and wedding moments. From Tom Hanks and Justin Timberlake crashing weddings, to Randy Houser‘s precious wedding video, to Millie Taylor-Morrison getting married, there have been a lot of aww-worthy moments these past 12 months. 12 Cutest Wedding Moments of … Read more

Dolly Parton Released a Dance Mix of Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train” in 1996 and We’re Still Gathering Our Thoughts

Twenty years ago, Dolly Parton appeared on Billboard‘s US Dance Chart for the first and only time. The even crazier thing about this new found fact is that she did it with a remixed cover of Cat Stevens’ classic “Peace Train.” And, oh yeah, her version featured South African vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The … Read more

People Play “Never Have I Ever” With Their Parents And We Can’t Stop Laughing

There’s nothing like getting to know your parents better, but in this case, we think these people might have learned more about their parents than they wanted. With questions ranging from ‘Have you ever peed yourself?’ to ‘Have you ever shoplifted?’, it’s hard not to laugh at the reactions that the pairs went through. We’re … Read more

Thomas Rhett is Getting Yoga Lessons From Tyler and Hayley Hubbard

Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard are good friends. The pair — and their wives — recently visited Africa together, which included champagne, sunsets and giraffe kisses. Oh, and lots and lots of elephants. Well, somewhere along the way, Tyler and his wife Hayley taught Thomas how to do a headstand, yoga style. … Read more

Get Effortless Waves With This Easy Tutorial

We love easy hairstyles, particularly when they involve gorgeous waves. Unfortunately, waves seem to take forever to put together, and even if you manage to tame your hair, you forget pieces or watch your waves fall out within a few minutes. Fortunately, this tutorial makes gorgeous waves a snap, meaning you can have them for … Read more

Add Some Luck To Your New Year With This Classic Black Eyed Peas Recipe

Can you really have a luckier year by whipping up a batch of black eyed peas? We’re not sure, but we’re certainly not against the idea. After all, a well prepared batch of black eyed peas is pretty hard to resist, and they’re great for you as well. Check out this ultimate comfort food dish … Read more