In Defense of Carrie Underwood and Her Beliefs (An Open Letter to the Guy Who Wrote an Open Letter)

On the first night of Passion 2017 and the 20th annual gathering of the event, which usually hosts around 50,000 young evangelicals in Atlanta each year, the unthinkable happened for most attendees– a real live superstar took the stage to help Crowder lead worship. That superstar was Carrie Underwood. Underwood showed up unannounced and wasn’t … Read more

Country Stars Enjoy a Nashville Snow Day

Snow in Nashville is a special thing. We don’t get much, but when we do it completely shuts down the city and results in a classic snow day. Here are some of your favorite country singers are spending their favorite winter day: 1. Jana Kramer View this post on Instagram She's so curious what this … Read more

Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips Reunite for Psychedelic New Song “We a Famly”

Miley Cyrus has reunited with longtime friend and frequent collaborator Wayne Coyne to create “We a Famly,” the last track on the Flaming Lips’ upcoming Oczy Mlody. The track, which has the group’s signature trippy, psychedelic vibe, is all about friendship. Throughout the song, both Miley and Wayne sing about being far apart and missing … Read more

Kenny Chesney’s New “Bar At the End of the World” Might Sound a Little Like “Dust On The Bottle”

If you think the opening verse of Kenny Chesney‘s new single, “Bar At The End of the World” sounds like the classic, “Dust On The Bottle,” you’re a little bit right. The third single from Chesney’s Cosmic HallelujahCosmic Hallelujah was written by J.T. Harding, Aimee Mayo and David Lee Murphy. You’ll recall that Murphy wrote … Read more

Doing Your Makeup With No Brushes Is A Lot Harder Than You Might Think

We get it. Not everyone uses brushes for their makeup. But if you’re an aspiring makeup artist, you probably believe in the power of brushes and what they can do for your look. So what happens when you try to go without your beloved brushes for a day? Mayhem, apparently. This YouTuber attempts to do … Read more

Have A Sweet Treat With These Sugar Cookie Shooters

If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter with your alcohol consumption this weekend, look no further than these sugar cookie shooters. Inspired by your favorite cookie variety (with sprinkles and all), these go down smooth and look even cuter. Top them with a vanilla wafer for a quick drink you’ll love to have again … Read more

Jessica Biel Dancing For Justin Timberlake is the Sweetest Thing We’ve Ever Seen, Even Though She’s Bad at Dancing

Aside from being known as singer-songwriter, Justin Timberlake is also pretty well known for being light on his feet. His wife, Jessica Biel, is not known for dance moves, but she sure does try. The superstar couple was recently spotted at the Staples Center for a game between Timberlake’s Memphis Grizzlies and the LA Lakers. … Read more

Frozen Pink Lemonade Margarita Recipe

It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cold drink. This frozen lemonade margarita takes just 3 ingredients to throw together, for a gorgeous drink that won’t leave you hanging. Spice it up with classic margarita salt, or take it plain with a lime. Really, your options are endless, and … Read more