How To Grow Out Your Eyebrows and Create A Natural Look

Eyebrow trends have seemed to change dramatically over the last decade. Back in the early 2000s, the majority of women were rocking the thin brow look, with arch definition being of little importance. Within the past few years, ladies are more commonly growing out the brows, aiming for a thicker style and a well-defined arch. … Read more

7 Little Big Town Album Covers Show Several Bold Fashion Statements

Throughout Little Big Town’s career(s), the foursome has never been one to shy away from a fashion statement (or four). Most recently, the group members got to show off their individual commitments to fashion on their upcoming The Breaker album cover. In studying the new album cover I took a look back at LBT’s past … Read more

Emma Stone Says Ryan Gosling Carries Around Twizzlers In His Coat Pocket

At this point, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling know each other pretty well. I mean, they’ve been in three movies together, shared a slew of intimate on-screen moments and, thanks to “La La Land,” have won and been nominated for some pretty impressive film awards. Plus, they’re basically America’s favorite (non-irl) couple. Giphy Well recently, … Read more

Las Vegas Bookies Think Luke Bryan’s Super Bowl National Anthem Performance Will Be Longer Than 2 Minutes

The Super Bowl is essentially a national holiday at this point, and one of America’s favorite past times has been finding new and exciting things to bet on. Sure you can bet the over/under of total points scored, you can bet which team will win and by how much. But the real fun are the … Read more

Noah Cyrus Says Being Compared to Miley Doesn’t Bother Her

Coming from a family where nearly everyone is famous, it’d be nearly impossible for the youngest of the clan, 17-year-old Noah Cyrus, not to be compared to her siblings or parents. For a lot of people, these comparisons would probably seem unfair or even intimidated, but in Noah’s mind, the comparisons make sense — she … Read more

’90s Hitmaker Ty Herndon to Appear on Oprah’s “Where Are They Now?”

In the 90s, Ty Herndon entered the hearts of country fans everywhere with his three No. 1 singles and and four Top 10 hits. His debut single, “What Mattered Most,” will always be one of my favorite songs. Living in Nashville, Ty has stayed relevant and at the forefront of country music. Heck, I even … Read more

Wake Up Faster With This Moonshine-Spiked Coffee Recipe

If you’re a big coffee-drinker, you understand the struggle of the caffeine immunity that comes along with it. The solution may just be adding an extra ingredient…AKA alcohol. Directions: 1. Brew a mug of your favorite coffee2. Add 1.25 oz of Butterscotch Moonshine3. Add Half-and-Half to your preference

Lauren Alaina Meets Robert DeNiro and Leslie Mann on GMA, Oh, And Talks About Her New Album

Lauren Alaina is having a great day. Not only was she on Good Morning America to talk about her new album but she also got to meet Leslie Mann and the man, the myth, the legend: Robert DiNero. View this post on Instagram "You talking to me?" I clearly had a great time at #GoodMorningAmerica … Read more

Bacon and Parmesan Brussels Sprout Recipe

Can’t get those kiddos in your life to eat their veggies, especially brussels sprouts? Add flavor to the vegetable with these hearty and delicious skewers. After all, bacon and cheese can fix almost any recipe. Ingredients: 400g brussel sprouts, washed 1 tsp oil 13 slices streaky bacon 1 tbsp grated parmesan Directions: Put the sprouts … Read more

Emma Stone’s Brother Reveals Her Guilty Pleasure

Honestly, Emma Stone may be my favorite celebrity in Hollywood. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she’s funny, authentic and super relatable — and this SAG Awards interview proved that even more. While walking the SAG red carpet, Emma was stopped by Access Hollywood to talk about who made her dress, the movie “La … Read more

Michael Ray Releases Sultry Music Video for “Think a Little Less”

Country singer Michael Ray has just released new music video for his single, “Think a Little Less.” Set in an apartment right on the oceanfront, the video follows Michael as he spends the day with his super sexy date. And though we never actually see the two touch, I think it’s safe to assume they’re … Read more