Chase Bryant Thinks Matthew McConaughey Should Be the Next Bond

Chase Bryant is a big James Bond fan. If you didn’t know that, it became quite apparent when he released his music video for “Room to Breathe.” So I sat down with Chase recently and asked him a super important question when it comes to Bond fans: who should be the next Bond? I was … Read more

Ariana Grande and John Legend’s “Beauty and the Beast” Video is Here

The first music video from the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” is here. Ariana Grande and John Legend perform the titular tune, which Angela Lansbury famously sang in the 1991 animated version of the film. Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson also recorded a version in ’91. The clip takes place in the Beast’s ballroom at … Read more

Big & Rich Lose a Love to “California” in Their New Single

Big & Rich have a new rival in their latest single. No, they didn’t lose a girl to another guy. They’ve lost her to an entire state. “California” is about a love who chooses her dreams over the relationship with lyrics like: “She’s in love with CaliforniaAnd that west coast sunshine dreamThese ain’t no holly … Read more

Watch Cam’s “Life Can Be Tough. Music Can Help” TedX Talk

We’ve all seen those talks, where famous actors, directors, authors share their thoughts about life. Cam is now among that list of creators who is sharing her truth with the world. “It only lasted about 11 minutes… but I was more terrified than I’ve ever been in my life,” Cam said in a statement. “To … Read more

Hunter Hayes’ Version of a Typical Tourist Activity is Way Different Than Yours

Hunter Hayes is in London. He knows the first day of international travel is always the hardest. Your body thinks it’s night time, but it’s morning. The trick to defeating jet lag is to stay up all day. And that’s tough. Last time I was in London, I planned on doing super touristy stuff on … Read more

Never Forget: Celine Dion and R. Kelly Recorded a Song Together Once and The Video is an Unexplainable Masterpiece

It’s been almost 20 years since the world’s greatest singer teamed up with the world’s creepiest producer and too many people seem to have forgotten Celine Dion and R. Kelly ever released a song together. The video is fascinating. R. Kelly shows up in a Corvette/pace car from the Indianapolis 500 dressed like an accountant … Read more

Sam Hunt’s “Body Like A Back Road” Got a ‘Twerk’ Remix With a New Video

I know this isn’t Sam Hunt‘s fault. Anybody can take a track and remix it. I could take the track and make it sound like Merle Haggard (right). But, Mr. ColliPark’s remix of Sam’s latest hit is indefensible. If you were into rap music in the mid-2000s you’ll recall that Mr. ColliPark was responsible for … Read more

Chris Young Earns Ninth No. 1 Single With “Sober Saturday Night”

Congrats to Chris Young on earning his ninth No. 1 song! The singer-songwriter, who penned “Sober Saturday Night” with Brad and Brett Warren, collaborated with one of his heroes, Vince Gill. “I got to sit in his studio and hang out with Vince all day,” Chris said. “It’s just such a cool full-circle thing for … Read more

Jake Owen Dreams of Better Days With This Cover of Merle Haggard’s “Rainbow Stew”

Jake Owen had a little fun on the Bobby Bones Show recently. The singer gave an old Merle Haggard song a shot for the radio host. The tune, which was written by Merle and released in 1981, paints a picture of better days ahead with lyrics like: When they find out how to burn waterAnd … Read more

Justin Timberlake Makes a Bold Statement to Minorities During His iHeartRadio Acceptance Speech

Justin Timberlake took home the Song of the Year for “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” at the 2017 IHeartRadio Music Awards. While his speech included the normal thank yous — including a special shout out to one of his radio reps — he took time to speak directly to any of his fans who may be … Read more

Mandy Moore Says “This Is Us” Has Made Her “Totally Ready to Have Kids Now”

Mandy Moore’s character on “This Is Us,” Rebecca Pearson, is a doting mother of three to Randall, Kevin and Kate during flashback sequences and a grandmother to Randall’s daughters in present day. View this post on Instagram The precious Pearsons. ❤ #ThisIsUs A post shared by This Is Us (@nbcthisisus) on Feb 24, 2017 at … Read more