Celebrity Feud Alert: William Shatner Has Waged a Twitter War Against Nick Viall (“The Bachelor”) To Get Him Kicked Off “Dancing With the Stars”

Twitter strikes again! William Shatner has unapologetically waged war against former constant soulmate searcher and four-time contestant on “The Bachelor,” Nick Viall, as he starts his journey on “Dancing With the Stars.” Out of nowhere, during the first episode of this season of everyone’s favorite dancing competition, Shatner started tweeting like no one was reading, … Read more

Girl Scout Sells Record-Breaking 100,100th Box of Girl Scout Cookies to Jimmy Fallon

If Katie Francis is not the most ambitious Girl Scout in history I’ll eat my shoe. She sold a record breaking 100,100 boxes of cookies, the last of which was sold live to Jimmy Fallon. The clip is both heartwarming (wait until the end) and an education in salesmanship. I would’ve put money on Jimmy … Read more

5 Things To Do When You’re An Adult and Don’t Get a Spring Break

Remember in college when we thought we were like, so busy? Class for 4 hours a day!? College is hard, which is why you need regularly scheduled breaks for beach vacations. Those were the days. Now that you have entered the workforce, vacations are a commodity and Spring Break is a distant memory. It’s sad. … Read more

Little Big Town’s Favorite George Strait Songs Are the Ones You Can ‘Roll In The Hay’ To

Maybe we shouldn’t totally pin this one on Little Big Town– this is more Karen Fairchild‘s favorite George Strait memory. When Karen was in college there were certain boys that made “rollin’ in the hay mixtapes.” George was the staple of these mixtapes. Karen went on to say, “King George, thanks for lots of good … Read more

Exclusive First Listen of “The Voice” Runner Up Adam Wakefield’s “Blame It On Me”

New music from Adam Wakefield is here — and One Country is bringing it to you exclusively. “The Voice” season 10 runner-up — who came in behind Alison Porter (otherwise known as Curly Sue) — is releasing “Blame It On Me” on March 24, but we’ve got it for you now. “Blame It On Me” … Read more

#TeamBlake Did Choreography During Battle on “The Voice” and We Loved It

Aliyah Moulden and Dawson Coyle brought it for #TeamBlake during the Battle Rounds of “The Voice.” So much so, there was choreography. The pop youngsters took on Katrina & The Waves’ classic “Walking on Sunshine” and at times, it seemed like they might have actually been walking on the surface of the sun. Coach Blake … Read more

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Internet’s Most Searched Questions About Themselves

I just typed “Ryan Reynolds” into Google and 53,200,000 results came up. Jake Gyllenhaal only yielded 14,000,000, but I would imagine that’s because his name is almost impossible to spell. Either way, that’s a lot of search results. People are very interested in these two guys and now, they know it. Ryan and Jake sat … Read more

5 Best Buffets on the Las Vegas Strip

When I say “buffet,” you may think Luby’s or Golden Corral. Nah, man, you gotta change your perspective. When Las Vegas does a buffet, they do it up right: crab legs, sushi, custom made pasta, and dessert spreads strong enough to break the diet of any CrossFit bro. These buffets aren’t “cheap” but you’re in … Read more

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan Tell the Story of How They Met (They Really Don’t Remember)

It took 12 seasons and more than one ask, but Blake Shelton finally got country music superstar Luke Bryan to “The Voice.” Luke is serving as an advisor for #TeamBlake, which means the two are sharing some serious bromance time together. They met sometime between 2006 and 2008 at “an award show” according to the … Read more