“Shawshank Redemption” Oak Tree Has Been Cut Up and Hauled Away

“Shawshank Redemption” was a theatrical flop. It failed to earn $1 million in its opening weekend and left theaters only recouping $16 million of the original $25 million budget. Turner Broadcasting took a risk buying the film; a risk that has since netted the network an estimated $1.5 billion. It would be difficult to find … Read more

Dolly Parton’s Throwback Photo for National Siblings Day Definitely Beats Your Photo

Everyday is National Siblings Day when you’re one of 12 children. For everyone’s favorite Internet holiday, Dolly Parton shared an epic throwback of herself with her 11 siblings– Stella, Randy, Rachel, Willadeene, Robert Lee, Floyd, Cassie, Coy, Larry, Frieda, and David. Dolly’s parents Robert Lee and Avie Lee Parton raised their brood in Sevier County, … Read more

4 Most Redneck Musical Instruments on the Internet

Say what you will about rednecks, but their ingenuity is for real. Backcountry folks have shown time and time again that they can make something out of nothing. When rednecks needed percussion they ran to the kitchen and started smackin’ spoons together. When they needed low end, they ran to the shed and came up … Read more

Jimmy Fallon’s “Mom and Pop Quiz” Proves Teenagers are Still Embarrassed by Their Parents

Jimmy Fallon’s week in Orlando has led to many hilarious moments, but this one is for the parents. “The Tonight Show” took to the streets of Universal Orlando to ask parents basic pop culture questions in front of their children. The kids were not allowed to help. Really, all the kids were allowed to do … Read more

[Watch] Bill Murray Tried to Bribe Umpires During a Minor League Baseball Game

One of the best parts of minor league baseball is the on-field fun. People mess around and it only makes the night better. Take Bill Murray, America’s weird uncle, for example, Murray tried to bribe the umpires before throwing out the opening pitch for the Charleston RiverDogs, a team he co-owns. The umpires reacted to … Read more

Billboard Music Awards Announce Nominees (and There Are No Female Country Music Nominees)

Not that the Billboard Music Awards are super reflective of the ever-changing tides of country music or anything, but this year’s nominee list, particularly the country categories are intriguing. Luke Bryan is nominated for a big overall award, but not for Top Country Artist. Also, Chris Stapleton’s Traveller got a nod. Even though it is … Read more

Reba’s Guilty TV Pleasures Are Different Than You’d Think

There’s not a person in the world that doesn’t have a guilty pleasure or two. Especially when it comes to TV viewing habits. Even Reba McEntire has ’em. The obvious joke here would be that she just watches her aptly titled show, “Reba” whenever it’s on in syndication, which is always, but she’s got a … Read more

Lauren Alaina Lands First No. 1 Hit with “Road Less Traveled”

It’s been a long road for Lauren Alaina since coming off “American Idol” in 2011, but she’s finally reached a goal few women in country music have– a No. 1 hit at country radio. Alaina is celebrating her very first No. 1 single with “Road Less Traveled” landing at the top of both the Billboard … Read more

8 Things You Should Be Cleaning In Your Home, But Probably Aren’t

You know what’s weird about cleaning? You’re never done. There’s just always something else to clean. And the worst part is– even when you think you’ve really done a thorough job, you probably didn’t clean your knife block, did you? 8 Things You Should Be Cleaning In Your Home, But Probably Aren’t: 1. Knife Block … Read more

This Reporter Caught Daydreaming on Live TV is One of the Funnier Things We’ve Seen Today

If you are having a rough Monday or any day, really, watch Australian news anchor Natasha Exelby get caught daydreaming on live TV. It is both hilarious and relatable. That is exactly how I feel every Monday morning– shocked, scared, caught unaware. It’s late Sunday and I’m hanging out, looking at a pen being generally … Read more

4 Easter Brunch Recipes Perfect for Any Family

Easter can be a busy time of year, especially if you’re the one hosting. Between church and planning and cooking and cleaning, it can have you feeling a little overwhelmed. Well, fear not! Try one of these easy brunch recipes to help make your Easter go that much smoother! 4 Easter Brunch Recipes Perfect for … Read more