Everything Leaving Netflix in May

Plan your weekends, here’s everything leaving Netflix in May. 5/1/17 11 Blocks Alfie Bang Bang!Black Mamba: Kiss of DeathCujoDoomsdaysFantastic FourFernGully 2: The Magical RescueFlicka: Country PrideGarfield’s Fun Fest InvincibleJetsons: The MovieJurassic Park IIIJurassic Park The Lost World:Jurassic ParkPaulieSamurai HeadhuntersStephen King’s ThinnerTales from the Darkside: The MovieThe DoorsThe Real Beauty and the BeastThe Seven Dwarfs of … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 1: Songs We First Loved, Songs That Never Get Old and a Deep Dive Into Garth Brooks’ “That Summer”

During this episode of the podcast, our first, we take a deep dive into music– particularly, songs we’ve always loved, the songs we first loved and songs that never grow old. And yes, things turn colorful when Drew and I discovered are common interest in Garth Brooks’ No. 1 hit, “That Summer.” Country Air Podcast … Read more

Noted Snacker Chris Pratt Plays, ‘What Is My Snack?’ While on the Red Carpet

Chris Pratt has been working hard to stick to his movie-fit diet, even when it made him go a little crazy. The diet was so strict that he began coveting his snack time, so much that he shared it with the world in a bit he called “What’s my snack?” E! News recently turned the … Read more

Maren Morris Received Her GRAMMY Award on the Most “Nashville” Day Possible

Did you know that when you get a GRAMMY you don’t get to take it with you? Yep, they mail it to you months after the ceremony. Maren Morris earned her first GRAMMY this year and it just showed up. The trophy, which is for Best Country Solo Performance for “My Church,” arrived in the … Read more

Travel the World in Street View With the New Google Earth

Google recently released a new version of their mapping app that is replete with new features sure to please any global traveler or bored desk worker. The previous versions gave everyone the chance to see satellite pictures of the globe. The new version takes you into 3D helicopter and street-level views of the grandest cities … Read more

Sheryl Crow Once Sang Backup for Michael Jackson?!

Sheryl Crow is a legend. Most Americans, when they reach a certain age come to realize that they really love Sheryl. If you’re one of those people who may not be totally on-board with Sheryl, her recent appearance on the “Today Show” will change your mind. Immediately. Sheryl sat down to clear up some Internet … Read more

Bourbon Whipped Cream is the MVP of Desert Toppings

Whipped cream is great on just about every desert: pie, ice cream, brownies, banana pudding, waffles–you name it. Sure, you could buy some in a can or tub, but if you want the real, fluffy, creamy, good stuff you have to whip it up at home. It’s so easy, it almost feels like cheating. Almost. … Read more

Revisiting Garth Brooks’ Weird First Facebook Video

We saw this video 2-and-a-half years ago and, well, it’s still unsettling. Don’t get us wrong, we love G and are fully convinced that he is one of the greatest performers of the last century, but this video is anything but comfortable. It’s just…weird. Is this viral marketing for a new “Saw“ movie? This video … Read more

Everything Coming to Netflix in May

From classic films to new original series, there will be plenty to watch on Netflix in May. Available 5/1/17 American Experience: The Big Burn (2014)American Experience: The Boys of ’36 (2017)Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008)Blood on the Mountain (2016)Chaahat (1996)Chocolat (2000) Decanted (2016)Don’t Think Twice (2016)Drifter (2017)Forrest Gump (1994) Happy Feet (2006)In the Shadow … Read more

Katherine Heigl Struggled With Naming Her Son After Husband Josh Kelley

Naming a kid is a big responsibility. Katherine Heigl really felt that pressure with the birth of her son at the end of last year. So much so that she didn’t have a name picked out before he was born. “I couldn’t come up with a name for ages,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. “I don’t … Read more

This is the Best Song Luke Bryan Has Written and That You Probably Haven’t Heard

There’s a song that I’ve been in love with for more than a decade. Luke Bryan co-wrote it with tunesmiths Hillary Lindsey and Dallas Davidson. However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve never heard it. I first heard “Dirt Cheap” performed by Catherine Britt. I was interning at her management company and one of the perks … Read more

There’s a New Woman in Hunter Hayes’ Life

In addition to being a super talented musician, Hunter Hayes is also a dog lover. The singer-songwriter has been doing his part for pups recently, visiting canine veterans and promoting adoption. Now, he’s practicing what he preaches. Hunter posted this pic on social media of the new woman in his life: Ella. He picked her … Read more