Gregg Allman is NOT in Hospice

Rumors hit the internet today alleging that the Allman Brothers Band frontman Gregg Allman had entered hospice. The 69-year-old’s manager told Variety that the rumors are not true. Moments later, Allman posted on his face page the following: “A message from Gregg: ‘ Hey everyone. I just wanted y’all to know that I’m currently home … Read more

Let’s Take a Moment to Remember Ellen DeGeneres and Gladys (Who Loved Jesus, But Drank a Little)

Sometimes, when videos go crazy on the Internet they are only funny for a short period of time. Other times, the funny lasts forever. Enter: Gladys on “The Ellen Show.” Remember, Gladys called Ellen and left a message with her staff and told them to move the set plants around. Ellen called Gladys to tell … Read more

Alton Brown’s Healthy Dog Treats That Will Keep Your Dog Out of the Cat Litter

Dogs love used cat litter. It is their most delicious treat. However, as caring pet owners, you and I know it is neither healthy nor sanitary. The last thing I want is a poop-mouthed dog licking my face. I am shocked that the billion-dollar pet industry hasn’t found a solution to this problem that is … Read more

12 Flawless Pics of Lauren Alaina With ‘Punny’ Captions

Lauren Alaina is a talented and gorgeous woman. She’s also the queen of puns. If you follow her on Instagram, you know she likes to post flawless photos with “Dad jokes.” And I for one love “Dad jokes.” Here are 12 gorgeous pics of the singer with her own “punny” jokes: 1. View this post … Read more

Remember When Mandy Moore Bullied Anne Hathaway in “Princess Diaries”?

In 2001, Mandy Moore made her major motion picture debut as Lana, the mean cheerleader, in “The Princess Diaries.” Lana was one of many antagonists in the story who tormented the main character, Mia, played by Anne Hathaway. Mia was a self proclaimed “freak” who finds out that she’s a princess. As the story progresses, … Read more

The Strangest Pair Taught Self-Defense on “Rachael” and We Have No Clue Why

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: a celebrity chef, the host of “The Amazing Race”, and a CIA agent walk on a film set and start talking about self-defense during home invasions. No, haven’t heard that joke? Well, it happened on “Rachael” and is was weird. Like, is was all very helpful information, … Read more

Chris Pratt Delivers Dramatic, Oscar-worthy Performance With A Bacon Sandwich as His Co-star

Chris Pratt has acting chops, no doubt. He’s starred opposite Jennifer Lawrence in “Passengers” and he’s the lead man in a hit sci-fi franchise. But how hard are those really? Well now he has one of the most challenging roles of his career to add to his reel. In a gut-wrenching improv scene done exclusively … Read more

Brad Paisley Performs His Clever “Contact High” Wearing This Awesome Keith Richards Shirt

There are several things that I love about Brad Paisley‘s performance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The first, of course, is the song. “Contact High” talks about the most powerful drug of all: love. He chronicles a meeting and goes from there: ” had no idea That you would be here As you … Read more

[Listen] Keith Urban’s ‘RIPCORD’ Is Deeper Than All Those No. 1 Singles

Keith Urban’s RIPCORD has been out for an entire year now and the unprecedented country album has garnered more accolades than seems fathomable. The album itself was nominated for CMA and ACM Album of the Year, plus Best Country Album at the GRAMMYs. On top of that, four singles from the project (“John Cougar, John … Read more

Mario Kart’s Target Takeover Turns Superstores into Race Tracks, Local Teens Rejoice

Target, in a recent attempt to grow their video game market share, has agreed to become a live action Mario Kart race course. Ok, not literally, but that’s exactly what will happen when local teenagers and youth group leaders discover that Target has rebranded 650 of their Super Store’s to celebrate the release of Mario … Read more

Delta Brings Happiness Back to Air Travel with Help from Kenny G. and a Dog

It has been a turbulent month for airlines. Repeated violence towards passengers, scorpions, and general distrust towards the industry has caused customers to think twice before flying. If travelers ever needed a ray of hope, a hero to emerge from the ashes of despair, it would be now. Well wipe away your tears, friends; two … Read more