[Watch] Lady Antebellum Rap About Kelsea Ballerini While Trying to Push a Bus in Spandex with Brett Young

Life on the road can be tough. And not just because you’re away from home, but more often than not you’re away from everything that keeps one from leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Lady Antebellum is no stranger to the road. They’ve been on the road as long as they’ve been a band and … Read more

The McDonald’s Frork is the Utensil You Never Knew You Needed, Kind Of?

Fast food restaurants seem like they are scrambling to get people in their doors by reinventing normal foods or just shooting their food into space. As people push for more health conscious and sustainable food options, fast food has watched their market share decrease. Now, attention is the name of the game. McDonald’s is not … Read more

Jimmy Fallon’s Food Segment is Some Shade of Grey

Chefs are no strangers to late night television. Typically, a celebrity chef will join someone like Jimmy Fallon to cook one of their recipes. Well, that is not what happened recently on “The Tonight Show.” Jessica Seinfeld visited Jimmy to promote her new cookbook, “Food Swings,” which balances the virtue of clean eating with the … Read more

16 Must-Have Shirts for Country Fans

Last summer, I was shopping with a friend when we stumbled upon a shirt that read ” Come on Patty get it together” and we died laughing. If you’re not a fan of ’90s country, you probably don’t get the reference to the spoken line in Patty Loveless’ hit “I Try to Think About Elvis.” … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 2: What if Country Musicians Were the Last People on Earth?

Today, we throw county stars into one of Hollywood’s favorite topics– the apocalypse. No zombies or Kirk Cameron books or anything– just, everyone in Nashville woke up and they were the only people left on Earth. Who would take a leadership role? Who would teach the kids? Who would run the show? I (Lauren) think … Read more

36 Baby Names Picked Straight From Country Songs

Want to name your little one after a country song? I’ve compiled a list of names that can tell your friends and family were inspired by your favorite country songs. There’s the common, like Chelsea and Joey, and then the unique, like Fancy and Elvira. Take a gander: Adalida — “Adalida” by Georgia Strait Alyssa … Read more

This Shirt Misquotes “Fancy” and It’s Bugging the Crap Out of Me

I saw a shirt this weekend that is misquoting a Reba McEntire song and it’s driving me nuts. I was at a street festival in Franklin, Tenn., this weekend when I saw a girl wearing a shirt that quoted “Fancy” (originally by Bobbie Gentry, but I was raised on Reba McEntire’s version). View this post … Read more

The Met Gala Explained by Someone W​ho Knows Nothing About Fashion

I know nothing about fashion. I have no clue what the Met Gala is all about. I am not the sort of expert magazines want to comment on something like this. But, I have studied art and culture and, as a social media user, have been assaulted by a constant stream of Met Madness. I’m … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down as He Reveals His Newborn Son’s Heart Condition

Funnyman Jimmy Kimmel has me crying after revealing the terrifying details of his son’s birth. On April 21, William “Billy” Kimmel was born in Los Angeles and three hours later, a nurse discovered the baby was purple and had a heart murmur. Jimmy explained the entire ordeal that he and his wife Molly went through … Read more

9 Most Interesting Horse Names Racing in This Year’s Kentucky Derby

I know as much about horse racing as I do about Russian Literature– very little. But, I do love the first Saturday in May and everything that comes with the Kentucky Derby. Especially the names of the horses. It’s like we ran out of names or something. Most Interesting Horse Names Racing in This Year’s … Read more

Kenny Chesney’s New “Rich and Miserable” Video is an Intense Look at Materialism, America and So Much More

Typically, Kenny Chesney isn’t one to make political statements. And technically, his new video for “Rich and Miserable” is less political and more a deeper look at materialism and the American dream. Before we hear a single note or catch a glimpse of Chesney, actor John C. McGinley serves as college professor asking a room … Read more

Lauren Duski Was Really, Really Good on “The Voice” (AGAIN)

Lauren Duski doesn’t need the big-time, popular hits to make a statement on “The Voice.” Round after round, Duski has let her voice do the work. She’s not going for over-the-top or flashy and it’s working. During the Top 11 round, coach Blake Shelton chose Billy Dean’s 1991 hit, “Somewhere in My Broken Heart” for … Read more