WWE’s New Inspirational Movie is Not What You’d Expect From WWE

When think WWE, I think about wrestling. It’s a big, over the top, show unlike any other. I typically do not link them to the story of struggling musicians. But, that’s the story they’re telling in their new movie “Pure Country: Pure Heart.” With all the crossover between country music and wrestling fans, the pivot … Read more

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Are Fighting on Instagram Again

No couple is perfect, right? Right. Every couple, even super famous ones go through their share of up-and-downs. Luckily for us, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell air out all of their dirty on Instagram. First, they argued over Dax’s terrible placement of a La-Z-Boy. Then, there was that thing about Dax googling, “How to get … Read more

Remember When Ellen Made Jenna Bush Hager Call Her Parents at the White House While on Air?

Back in 2007, Jenna Bush Hager was still just a Bush and not on “Today.” She was so young and green that when Ellen DeGeneres asked her to call her parents President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, while on the air– she did. At first, Jenna was nervous, “you think I’m allowed … Read more

Couples Try to Describe Each Other to a Police Sketch Artist with Hilarious Results

How well do you know your significant other’s face? Sure, you know what they look like, but could you describe their face to a police sketch artist? What shape is it? What kind of nose do they have? It’s pretty tough! We think of faces as wholes, not individual parts. Knowing their face is one … Read more

A Couple Had a “This Is Us” Themed Wedding Shoot and The Internet is in Tears

You know something is a thing when people are willing dedicated one of the most important days of their life to it. Enter, “This Is Us” and couple Peter and Emily. They got together with photographer Karen Rainier to get all Jack and Rebecca during a wedding photoshoot and the Internet is freaking out. I … Read more

6 Tasty Cocktails to Spruce Up Your Spring

With spring in full fling, life can get pretty crazy. Between yard work and spring cleaning and driving the kids around to all their activities, you may forget to take some time for yourself to relax. And what better way to do that than with a refreshing tastes-like-springtime cocktail… or three! 6 Tasty Cocktails to … Read more

Dolly Parton Pledges Another $3 Million to Families Affected By Wildfires in East Tennessee

Dolly Parton is the realest of us all. And she just keeps on keepin’ on. After wildfires ravaged her native East Tennessee in late 2016, Parton created the My People Fund to help families affected by the fires. The Fund distributed around $5,000 to 900 families. Recently, The Dollywood Foundation administered the final distribution from … Read more

Keith Urban’s Throwback Picture Proves That Even as a Kid He Had Some Serious Hair Game

I’m convinced that Keith Urban knew that he was destined for greatness and this throwback video that he just posted only proves my point. I’m a huge fan of Keith Urban‘s but I love his hair a little more. From color to the fact that he isn’t afraid to play with the cut, Keith definitely … Read more