Thomas Rhett Has Precious Reunion With Wife Lauren

Being away from the one you love is never easy. Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins hadn’t seen each other in a month. Yep, a month. We’ve been watching as the couple posted sweet posts detailing how much they longed to see one another. Lauren posted the below picture of the couple with a … Read more

Garth Brooks Sends Sweet “Get Well” Message to Loretta Lynn

Garth Brooks sent a special “get well” message to Loretta Lynn during his Inside Studio G Facebook Live. Loretta suffered a stroke at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., on May 4. She’s currently recovering in a Nashville hospital. “The queen of queens, Loretta Lynn, please know that our love is with you,” he said. … Read more

Lauren Alaina’s Mom Completely Embarrassed Her By Telling the World What She Said After Her First Kiss

And this is why you should never let your mom call into a radio show, right Lauren Alaina? Lauren was on Ty, Kelly and Chuck Mornings when they called her mom to spill some dirt on the songstress. “Mom, be nice!” Lauren pleaded. Her mom started into the story of Lauren’s first kiss, which really … Read more

Chris Pratt Sings Chris Stapleton

Chris Pratt is back with another viral moment from his “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2″ press tour. This time, his excitement gets the best of him as he talks about what would be on his own awesome mix mixtape. He praises Chris Stapleton’s music and then breaks into his own version of “Tennessee Whiskey.” … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Honored  Teachers in His Audience for National Teacher Appreciation Week and It Was Wonderful

Everyone has a teacher who believed in them. That one person who saw your work, effort, or lack thereof and challenged, encouraged, and pressed you towards excellence. As adults, we can look back and appreciate them but also recognize the difficult job they do day in and day out. They work long hours, are criminally … Read more

10 Celebrity Outfits from 2007 That Were Kind of Awful and Kind of Business Casual

I still have clothes from 2007 in my closet. If you buy the right pieces and take care of them, some things can be worn 10 years after purchase. Other outfits cannot and should not be worn years later. Like, why were so many people rockin’ business casual on red carpets 10 years ago? 10 … Read more

The Picture Jenna Bush Hager Keeps By Her Bed of Her Parents Will Make You Cry

Politics aside, I’m kind of a huge fan of the Bush family. Since Jenna Bush Hager‘s addition to “Today,” we’ve gotten a number of personal moments with the two First Families that we may not have otherwise. Most recently, the women of “Today” sat down together to discuss the recent baby boom on the show … Read more

Florida Georgia Line Opening a Multi-Level, Multi-Theme Restaurant in Nashville

Florida Georgia Line are opening a restaurant in Nashville. People is reporting that the pair have created a 22,000 sq. foot venue in Music City’s SoBro neighborhood aptly named FGL House. “It was something BK and I always thought would be neat, whether it was a bar or a restaurant — we’ve talked about opening … Read more

Southern Grandmas and Grandpas Learn the Stanky Legg, JuJu on That Beat and More

I have spent my whole life in the South. My parents have spent their entire lives in the South. They are now Southern grandparents. I don’t think I could get them in front of a camera to learn any dance moves, much less the Stanky Legg, the Schmoney Dance or JuJu on That Beat. Somehow, … Read more