7 Real Life Prices of Your Favorite TV Character Homes

Some of our favorite TV characters live in really cool spots, others boast a more modern approach to life. But, do you really think the characters could afford to live in their actual homes? 7 Real Life Prices of Your Favorite TV Character Homes: 1. Eric and Tami Taylor The Taylor home is actually in … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Challenges Audience Musicians to Write Songs in One Hour and Gets Amazing Results

Songwriting is tough. Finding a catchy melody that flows between the various instruments of a band and vocals while combining effortlessly with lyrics is as much science as it is art. It requires a practiced hand and ear. It takes some people a lifetime to find a single song. Jimmy Fallon asked two songwriters to … Read more

Brantley Gilbert and Wife Amber Are Expecting!

Brantley Gilbert is going to be a dad! Brantley and wife Amber announced the big news with People Magazine, sharing, “We’ve had such a hard time keeping a secret, but the doctors wanted us to wait past the first trimester. So here we are.” The couple has ben trying for a baby since they wed … Read more

Team Adam’s Jesse Larson Absolutely Nails Chris Stapleton’s “I Was Wrong” on “The Voice”

“The Voice” has yet to produce a star like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson. Most Americans would struggle naming even one winner of the insanely popular singing series. But, man, they sure have a knack for finding and refining some very talented people. Case in point: Jesse Larson. Larson has a voice that can blow … Read more

Connie Britton Shares Touching Note About Her ‘Nashville’ Dad After Powers Boothe’s Death

Connie Britton shares touching note about Powers Boothe following his death. Boothe passed away of natural causes at the age of 68, CNN reports.Connie, who played Rayna James on “Nashville,” then posted a sweet note about the actor, who played her character’s father, Lamar Wyatt, one of the resident baddies. “Family. Dysfunctional as it was,” … Read more

RaeLynn Asks for Prayers After Her Husband’s Grandfather Dies

Our thoughts and prayers are with RaeLynn and her husband Josh Davis. “Joshs Papa passed away today,” she wrote on social media. “I can’t imagine how hard it is for Josh being away when all of this is happening. Praying for my husband and family so much right now. So thankful for all the Joy, … Read more

Regular Guy Who Sings National Anthem Before Nashville Predators’ Games is Mad That Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill Got to Sing the National Anthem

Look, I am not a singer. I’m one of those people who runs a website and discusses other people singing. I know when people can sing well. Dennis Morgan, who usually sings the National Anthem before Nashville Predators’ games can sing well. But, y’all. Dennis can’t sing like Carrie Underwood. And he doesn’t even have … Read more

Loretta Lynn Moved to Rehabilitation Center After Stroke

Loretta Lynn‘s people are feeling grateful as the singer leaves a Nashville hospital following a stroke. The legend has been moved to a rehabilitation center as she continues to improve. Loretta’s sister posted the an update on Twitter a few days ago, writing, “We are lucky in this day and age, to have wonderful doctors … Read more

Katy Perry Explained GoGirl to Ellen DeGeneres and Just, Wow

Katy Perry’s recent appearance on the “Ellen Show” was nothing short of fascinating. Either Katy is truly excited about absolutely every single thing in the world or she was well past the legal limit for caffeine intake during a television appearance. Katy discussed her new album, her new tour, her haircut (“I asked for the … Read more

Lauren Duski Nails Another Forgotten Country Classic on “The Voice”

Adam Levine can say whatever he wants about Blake Shelton on “The Voice,” because you know what? Blake is good at this whole coaching thing and it’s obvious with every song Lauren Duski sings. For her semi-finals performance, Blake chose Shenandoah’s “Ghost in This House,” which Lauren says she relates to and connects to. The … Read more

5 Steps to Finding the Best Barbecue in Any City or State

Barbecue is as Southern as SEC Football. It is so engrained in our DNA that we take for granted how amazing and regionally specific it is. For example, in New York City, one of the biggest BBQ joints is called Dallas BBQ. Now, I’m not sure how much you know about barbecue, but Dallas ain’t … Read more