Lee Brice Is Selling “Boy” Lyric Boards (With Proceeds Going to a Charity This Month)

Are you loving Lee Brice‘s new single “Boy”? You can now make it part of your own home. Lee is selling lyrics boards — things you can hang on your wall that are adorned with the lyrics of a song. “Lyric boards for #Boy are available now!” he posted on social media. “All proceeds this … Read more

‘Roseanne’ Revival Will Just “Ignore” Dan’s Death

Since news of the Roseanne revival broke, fans have been baffled by the news that John Goodman’s character would be returning. Ya know, because in the series finale it was revealed that Dan died of a heart attack. TV Line is now reporting how he’s going to come back to life. “Dan is very much … Read more

Universal Announces It’s New “Dark Universe” of Gods and Monsters

Welcome to the age of movie universes. DC and Marvel have created studios to bring their giant spectacular films to the silver screen, each bigger and more interconnected than the last. Long dead franchises like Star Wars, Terminator, and Alien have been revived. You can’t have a stand alone movie without the question of a … Read more

Jana Kramer Is Having an Epic Napa Girls Trip (And She’s Sharing All the Pics)

Forget diamonds, wine is a girl’s best friend. Jana Kramer is currently in the midst of a girls trip to Napa, California, and I’m green with the envy. The singer is posting all those classic wine trip pics that make people at home remember that they’re sober. There’s the wine cellar: View this post on … Read more

Jason Aldean Showcases His ‘Family and Fans’ in His “They Don’t Know” Music Video

There are two sides to Jason Aldean. The world where he came from and the world where he resides. He shows them both in the new video for “They Don’t Know.” These days, Jason can be found on a stage, singing his truth. For half of this clip, he shares the behind-the-scenes moments that fans … Read more

RaeLynn Shares ‘Bittersweet’ Weekend With Her Husband After His Grandfather’s Death

Life has been different for RaeLynn and her husband Josh Davis since Feb. 13, 2017. That’s when Josh left Nashville for basic training, meaning that they would have limited contact for 9 weeks (at a minimum). Unfortunately, Josh’s grandfather died last week, which gave Josh and his Mrs. a bittersweet reunion. Josh was able to … Read more

Gordon Ramsay Roasted Martha Stewart, Chrissy Teigen and More Over Their Food Photos on the Internet

Gordon Ramsay has a real knack for saying exactly what he thinks and feels. Ramsay often replies to tweets from fans and tells them what he thinks of their food photos. It’s brutal, yet hilarious. During a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live” Ramsay told the world how he felt about food from Chrissy … Read more

Celine Dion Led a Sing-Along to Cher’s “Believe” Backstage at the BBMAs

Moments after Celine Dion performed ” My Heart Will Go On” during the Billboard Music Awards, she walked backstage and accidentally stole the spotlight from another unsuspecting legend– Cher. Cher was performing at an awards show for the first time in 15 years while being honored as the 2017 Billboard Music Awards Icon. Cher performed … Read more

Thomas Rhett Brings Daughter On Stage, Introducing Her to Fans and the Road Life

Welcome to the spotlight, Willa Gray. The newest addition to Thomas Rhett’s family learned what it is to be a road baby this weekend. The toddler got a first-hand look at daddy’s job, when he took her out on stage. (See it live in this video:) View this post on Instagram Can't wait to get … Read more

Album Review: Zac Brown Band Returns to Their Roots with ‘Welcome Home’

Regardless where we go in life, our roots ground us, inspire us to stay true to who we once were and propel us to forge ahead a future as bright and jarringly-comfortable as when we were kids. We can still change with the passing of the seasons and wish we hadn’t– but that’s the nature … Read more

Willie Nelson Still Isn’t Dead After Another Hoax Sweeps the Internet

Willie Nelson is alive! Rejoice! This morning, I saw someone post on Facebook that Willie Nelson had died over the weekend. My heart stopped. Not Willie! The person who posted this wasn’t someone to post things without checking them out. Heck, he managed Tammy Wynette back in the day. He was a credible source. Except … Read more

Chris Stapleton Sent Chris Pratt His New Album — ON TAPE — and Made the Actor’s Dreams Come True

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? It’s a pretty famous movie in which Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill and his most prized possession is mix tape his mom made 30 odd years ago. Well, now Pratt and his character have something in common. Pratt has been pretty vocal as of late about his love … Read more