Pittsburgh Penguins Fans “Celebrate” Winning The Stanley Cup By Eating Raw Catfish Because #SPORTS

The Pittsburgh Penguins won their second consecutive Stanley Cup after taking down the Nashville Predators 2-0 in the sixth game of the series. It was a decisive win in what was aggressive back-and-forth series. Those who followed the series know that Nashville fans have adopted a strange tradition of smuggling raw catfish into playoff games … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Pranks NBA Star With Fake Charity “Children Without Hoverboards”

Man, I love a good prank, and this one ranks up with some of the funniest celebrity out there. Jimmy Kimmel and Minnesota Timberwolves player Zach LaVine pranked their friend Jamal Crawford of the LA Clippers connecting him with charity “Children Without Hoverboards.” The problem is that “Children Without Hoverboards” does not exist and if … Read more

Garth Brooks Says We’re Going to Have to Throw Him Out of Country Music Because His Retiring Days are Behind Him

In 2014, Garth Brooks returned to country music with the announcement of a massive tour and new music on the way. Since that announcement, he hasn’t slowed down a bit and most recently, won CMA Entertainer of the Year at the 50th Annual CMA Awards. During CMA Fest’s opening night, Garth made a surprise appearance … Read more

What To Do If You Get Bumped From Your Flight

After repeated incidents of traveler violence, extreme air turbulence, and general disregard for passengers more and more travelers are walking away from air travel. But that does not mean that people will never fly again. Most people will fly again and if you fly, you better be ready to get bumped from your flight. Planes … Read more

Brad Paisley Took a Catfish to Game 6 and Then Went to Play the Last Night of #CMAFest

The week of CMA Music Festival in Nashville is one of the busiest, craziest weeks of the year. Most artists host their fan club parties during this week and play more than one show throughout the festival. Plus, the CMT Music Awards are that week, too. This year, the Stanley Cup Finals took place during … Read more

Watching Lady Antebellum Perform “You Look Good” Live Will Never Get Old

Maybe it’s the horn section, maybe it’s the sass, maybe it’s dancing– whatever it is, Lady Antebellum’s live performances of “You Look Good” will never get old. Ever. “You Look Good” is the first single off of Lady Antebellum’s brand new album, Heart Break— out now.

Thomas Rhett and Willa Gray Already Have Matching Air Jordan Sneakers and We Can’t Even

It didn’t take long for Willa Gray’s sneaker collection to catch up to her dad’s strong shoe. Thomas Rhett recently shared that WG was gifted a pair of Air Jordan I sneakers to match his Air Jordan I sneakers. Willa’s are black and pink, but still– who doesn’t want to have the same shoes as … Read more

Darius Rucker Brought Out Karen Fairchild to Sing “What If I Told You” During #CMAFest and It Was Amazing

The final night of CMA Music Festival usually features old friends Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Darius Rucker. At one point during the evening it is expected that one of them would join another act on stage for some sort of guitar playing craziness from Brad or Keith, but this year, it was Darius pulling … Read more

Kacey Musgraves Reunited with Katy Perry During Her 96-Hour Livestream and They Played “Follow Your Arrow”

Finally! Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves reunited for a brief duet over the weekend. Kacey was at Katy’s house as a part of her 96-hour livestream event for the release of her new album, Witness, and the pair played “Follow Your Arrow.” Kacey also gave a little guitar lesson, but you kind of need to … Read more

Jon Cena Inspires The Nation By Deadlifting Jimmy Fallon

John Cena, the invisible man, is a monster. Not psychologically, of course–he is one of the more inspiring and kind persons in the wrestling world. In fact, his show “American Grit” is focused on inspiring the nation with stories of people who never give up. Cena is, however, a physical beast who celebrating his 40th … Read more

Men: Take Control Of Your Health During Men’s Health Week

This week is Men’s Health Week, a week specifically focused on raising awareness for men’s health issues. I have no idea who designates these awareness weeks, but think this one can do some real good. Most men assume they will be fine, that if they don’t think about health issues none will come their way. … Read more