Corinne Olympios Released a Statement, Re: “Bachelor in Paradise”

On Wednesday, June 14, Corinne Olympios released a statement regarding the “misconduct” on “Bachelor in Paradise,” that caused production of the show to shut down Corinne released the statement to US Weekly and has hired lawyers: I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened on June … Read more

Steve Earle Says the Best Music Coming Out of Nashville is All By Women– And We’ve Been Saying That for Years

Steve Earle doesn’t have a problem saying what he thinks or how he feels. During a recent interview with The Guardian, Earle said a number of interesting things: “I know a little about a lot.” “She traded me in for a younger, skinnier, less talented singer-songwriter.” “Noel Gallagher is the most overrated songwriter in the … Read more

All Nicole Kidman Wants for Her 50th Birthday is to Hang With Her “Divine Husband”

Nicole Kidman is a low-key as they come. And she might be the only woman in Hollywood history to not be scared of turning 50. When asked what she wanted to do to celebrate the big day, she kept it simple, “to hang with my divine husband…if I have my family around me, I’ll be … Read more

Lady Antebellum Share Drastically Opposite Looks at Love in Their “Heart Break Hotel” Video

One hotel shares the good, the bad and the tragic in Lady Antebellum‘s “Heart Break Hotel” video. To promote their new album, Heart Break, and the spectrum of love that it encompasses, Lady A used the metaphor of a hotel with each room representing a different form of love. There are newlyweds, entering the hotel … Read more

Sometimes, Shania Twain Forgets Who She Is Until Someone Reminds Her

Shania Twain is back in the game, but she’s the exact same amount of superstar famous she’s always been. Shania’s “Life’s About to Get Good” is about to hit country airwaves this June and her first album in 15 years is due out this September. During a recent appearance on the Bobby Bones Show, Bobby … Read more

Nick Offerman Offers “Wood Support” to Twitter And Reminds Us To Consider What We Tweet

So you are in the middle of a DIY project and are having some trouble. Your wood veneer is warping. You stain is not going on evenly. You want to cut your own joinery but don’t know what a dovetail is. Never fear; wood expert Nick Offerman is here to help your carpentry crisis with … Read more

Lee Ann Womack Tried, In Vain, To Take a Picture with a Cat and We Can’t Stop Laughing at the Attempts

Lee Ann Womack is much funnier than people know. Well, you probably know if you follow her on Twitter. If she’s not tweeting about music, she usually offers up really valuable advice like this: The other day might’ve been Womack’s best day on the Internet. She tried, in vain, to take a picture with a … Read more

You Can Stream Jason Isbell’s New Album ‘Nashville Sound’ Before It Comes Out

Country music took on new life when it came to Nashville. The ballads of lonesome Texas cowboys blended with folk tunes and bluegrass from Appalachia into a lush, easy listening new country sound dubbed the Nashville Sound. It was radio friendly, reflected pop sensibilities, and brought country music to the mainstream. The style was so … Read more

100 Highest-Paid Celebrites in 2017

Forbes has released its annual list of the world’s 100 highest-paid celebrities and not shockingly– some country favorites are on the list. Sean “Puffy/ Puff Daddy/ P. Diddy/ Diddy” Combs was the highest earner for the year, with two authors J.K. Rowling and James Patterson also in the Top 10. Drinking coffee with celebrities in … Read more

Steve Earle: My Wife Left Me for a “Younger, Skinnier, Less Talented Singer-Songwriter”

In promotion of his new album, So You Wanna Be an Outlaw, Steve Earle is giving some blunt answers to questions about his most recent marriage to Allison Moorer, autism, his drug abuse and the state of country music. The singer-songwriter sat down with The Guardian and pinpointed the cause — as he sees it … Read more

Kim Kardashian-West Is Launching Beauty Line And The Internet Is Going Crazy

Just when you thought the Kardashian-Jenner clan had the beauty market cornered, they drop a this bombshell: Kim is launching a beauty line called KKW BEAUTY (yes, all caps). Get out your credit cards now because you know this line is going to fly off the shelves! On June 21, KKW Beauty will launch online … Read more

“Bachelor in Paradise” Crew Member Gave a Detailed, Horrifying Account of What Happened to Cause Production to Shutdown

According to the Daily Mail, a “Bachelor in Paradise” crew member witnessed the encounter between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios that caused production of the show to come to an immediate end. Because this is graphic in nature, we’re posting the statement with no edits or opinions: Corinne and Demario found out when they arrived … Read more