6 Best Rum Drinks For Your Weekend

Summertime is the best season for cocktails. Fall is a close second with its warm spiced drinks, but nothing can beat a chilled rum cocktail on a hot summer’s day. What’s more is that there are a plethora of cocktails to choose from, each with its own mix of white, dark, aged, and spiced rums. … Read more

Michael Phelps is Going to Race a Great White Shark? (Yes)

Each Shark Week has to be better than the last, right? Yes, according to the Discovery Channel, so this year they’re pitting Michael Phelps in a race against a great white shark. Here’s the release: They are one of the fastest and most efficient predators on the planet: Sharks. He is our greatest champion to … Read more

Shania Twain’s “Today Show” Concert Proves She’s Still Got It

Shania Twain is the top-selling female country music artist of all-time and she hasn’t even released an album in 15 years. After going through a horrific divorce and a few other issues, Shania exited the spotlight and the music game. Eventually, she made her way back to a residency in Las Vegas, but she wasn’t … Read more

Milo Ventimiglia Makes Everyone Cry on “The Late Show”

Get out the tissues everyone, Milo Ventimiglia is on TV. Ventimiglia, star of “This Is Us“, man responsible for a million tears, sat down with Stephen Colbert and everyone got misty-eyed. Ventimiglia promoted the upcoming season of “This Is Us” and reflected on his favorite moment from last season– the pushup scene. Even Colbert was … Read more

15 Harsh, Hilarious and Harmless Nickelback Jokes

Nickelback is widely known as one of the most hated bands in American history. Except they’re not. Nickelback is popular because people continue to listen to their music, buy their music and see their shows. But for some reason, people — ahem, the internet — enjoy making fun of them. The band has released their … Read more

Make Sure Your Traveling Bottles Never Leak Again

The last thing anyone needs after collecting their luggage is finding out their shampoo leaked all over their clothes. Traveling is tricky enough without having to worry about their cosmetic bottle pressurizing at thirty thousand feet. Thanks to twitter user JaidenAnimations there is an easy solution, one so simple you will wonder why you didn’t … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Ruined Father’s Day By Having Kids Tell Their Dads the Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

June is the month for Dads and grads. It is a month of celebration and happiness. It is also the perfect time to tell your Dad the worst thing you have ever done on live TV. Jimmy Kimmel asked kids about the worst thing they ever did while their fathers stood by silently. It’s many … Read more

Seriously, What Is Going On With DeMario Jackson’s Twitter?

If you were to ask me what the deal is with any person on “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” I would have said, “First of all, Seinfeld, get a new question. Second, I literally have no ideas. None. Zero thoughts.” But, now that I have seen DeMario Jackson’s Twitter, I can’t stop thinking about it. … Read more

The Internet Really Loves Shania Twain’s New Single

Shania Twain’s new single, “Life’s About to Get Good” has dropped and the Internet has spoken– they love it. The new single is off Shania’s first new album in 15 years, Now, which is due out September 29. 1. Worth it. 2. Officially a bop. 3. Very serious. 4. Rage against the soul. 5. Clean … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Finally Got His Mustache And It’s Actually Pretty Amazing

Jimmy Fallon was once the fresh-faced kid on “Saturday Night Live” known for his song parodies and constant breaking. He has always been known as a young comedian, even now at 42. But now, Jimmy is going old school with a more manly look. “Mustache Jimmy” has entered the ring and he isn’t going anywhere … Read more

Miley Cyrus Says Blake Shelton Was So Obsessed with Billy Ray Cyrus in High School That Everyone Called Him “Achey Blakey”

As Miley Cyrus gears up to return to “The Voice,” she took to “The Tonight Show” to share a few secrets about the upcoming season with Jimmy Fallon. Miley claims that Adam Levine is ready to completely turn on Blake Shelton and that she’s going to do everything in her power to beat him at … Read more