Coconut Oil Is No More Healthy Than Butter Or Beef Fat

According to science, we have been duped, yet again, by a food trend. fitness gurus and Instagram models have been telling us that coconut oil is a superfood, a naturally occurring food that will serve you well as food, shampoo, medicine, and just about every other use you can imagine. The truth is that the … Read more

Jenna Bush Hager Shared the Sweetest Story About Nightly Walks with George W. Bush and Avoiding Alligators

Jenna Bush Hager has lived several different lives– first, she was just a rich kid in Dallas, then she was in Austin as the Governor’s daughter. Eventually, she became part of the First Family and we didn’t even cover her grandfather’s time in the White House. View this post on Instagram Our special exhibit, Baseball: … Read more

Connie Britton Hosted a Fake Dinner Party Where She Sat Amy Schumer Next to President Richard Nixon

Connie Britton really is just like the rest of us. No, really. While arranging a table full of fantasy dinner guests, she asked “do we have a high-chair?” when she drew Blue Ivy Carter’s name for the dinner. Since no answered, she said, “she’s just gonna have to sit in my lap.” Who wouldn’t do … Read more

Young Southerners Try Pickled Pig’s Feet And, Spoiler, It’s Awful

The South has a rich and storied culinary history. but most of what we now know as “Southern food” is the best of what our history has created, or the refined forms thereof. We are proud of slow-roasted pulled pork, but would rather not think of burgoo–a slow roasted stew made up of whatever meat … Read more

According to Court Documents, Chris Soules Tested Negative for Alcohol After Fatal Crash

Former star of “The Bachelor,” Chris Soules tested negative for drugs and alcohol following a fatal crash he was involved in. Court documents, filed by his lawyer state, “According to a report issued by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Criminalistics Laboratory, Mr. Soules’ specimens were negative for drugs and alcohol. The DCI conducted … Read more

Hanson Says Justin Bieber’s Music is Like “Chlamydia of the Ear”

Oh, boy! It looks like we might have a new celebrity feud on our hands, this time between Hanson and Justin Bieber. Wait. What? Yep, the brothers Hanson were playing a round of “identify the song” on Australian radio show Amos, Cat & Angus when a Bieber song came on. One Hanson said, “I’m glad … Read more

16 Houseguests for “Big Brother” Revealed and We Already Picked Our Faves

I’ve tried, in vain, to get into “Big Brother” for years. Every summer I ask my friends, “should we get into ‘Big Brother’ this year?” But, this is the year, I’m really going to do it. Especially since “Bachelor in Paradise” isn’t happening. As CBS unveiled the houseguests, I picked out my favorites before even … Read more

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Twins are Here and We Finally Know the Baby’s Sexes

According to multiple sources and a Twitter post from Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, Beyonce gave birth to twins last weekend in Los Angeles. Beyonce and Jay-Z announced they were expecting in February, but never revealed the sex of the babies. Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles, confirmed the birth on Twitter and multiple sources are saying Beyonce … Read more

Larry The Cable Guy Thinks Jimmy Fallon’s Mustache Makes Him Look Like Jeff Foxworthy

Larry The Cable Guy is having a great year: Cars 3 made $53.5 million dollars in its opening weekend and he just announced Jeff & Larry’s Backyard BBQ, a comedy/concert tour with Jeff Foxworthy including bands like Eddie Money, Foghat, and the Marshall Tucker Band. When he stopped by “The Tonight Show”, one would think … Read more

Vince Gill Says He Would Tour With the Eagles Even If It Meant Driving Himself Around the Country

It’s no secret that country music legend Vince Gill is over the moon about getting to play with the Eagles. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Vince Gill seemed borderline giddy to be able to live out his rock and roll fantasies with his friends at an upcoming Eagles performance at Dodger Stadium. In … Read more

5 Country Albums Perfect for Summer

With the summer months, comes beach-y rendezvous and road trips across the nation. If you’re lucky, you can get lost on the open road, with the radio or mixtape blasting in the sweltering breeze. This year has already proven to be a great year in music and country has been especially strong. From mainstream acts … Read more