Was This “Bachelor in Paradise” Fiasco a Scam to Get Viewers? If So, It Worked

Last Sunday night as I was watching TV with a friend, I was also browsing Twitter when I saw the headline about “Bachelor in Paradise” production being shut down. I immediately read the tweet aloud, to which my friend replied, “yeah, right! That’s just for viewers.” And now that the show is resuming production, I … Read more

“Bachelor In Paradise” Investigation Has Turned Up No Evidence Of Misconduct; Production to Resume

After officially shutting down production on June 11 and sending the entire cast of “Bachelor in Paradise,” home, Warner Bros. has completed its investigation and found no evidence of misconduct. WB Statement: As we previously stated, we recently became aware of allegations regarding an incident on the set of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ in Mexico. We … Read more

Mom Makes Some New Friends While Her Daughter Is In Orientation And Goes Viral

Orientation has never been described as fun. Orientation at work is code for “lots of paperwork.” College orientation is an introduction to the awkwardness that is freshman year of college. But if you think you’ve got it bad, imagine how your parents feel. They have to sit through meetings with you that don’t even apply … Read more

People Terrified Their Fathers On Father’s Day Because Jimmy Kimmel Told Them To

As long as you live in your father’s house, you live by his rules. It’s his way or the highway. He can wear sock with sandals if he wants to. He may be quirky, but you love him. Jimmy Kimmel wanted American’s to share that love with their fathers with one caveat: scare him while … Read more

Will Ferrell Isn’t Afraid To Answer Any Of Jimmy Fallon’s Questions

Do you know what birds are made of, or how big the Big Man really is? Will Ferrell does and he’s not afraid to talk about it, either. He can tell which rabbit is the best and who stole the eggs. He’s not afraid to tackle controversial topics like the names of the two firemen. … Read more

Lorde Said Being Friends with Taylor Swift is Like Being With Someone Who Has an Autoimmune Disease (Which is Officially the Weirdest Friendship Comparison of All-Time)

No matter how famous you are or how many Oscars you’ve won, lives you have saved or anything in between– if you’ve ever been in a photo with Taylor Swift and you’re in an interview, you’re going to be asked about Taylor Swift. Swift has been almost completely out of the press for a year … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 6: Reality TV Singing Competitions, Tim Tebow on “The Bachelor” and Where Do the Ball Gowns Come From?

During this episode of the One Country Country Air Podcast, we’re taking a deep dive into reality TV. Will “American Idol” make it all the way back to the top? Could an actual famous person, like Tim Tebow, be on “The Bachelor”? Will “The Voice” ever produce a big-time star? If Drew was a judge … Read more

9-Year-Old Named After Celine Dion Nailed “My Heart Will Go On” and Like, WOW

I am starting a petition to rename “America’s Got Talent.” It think the show should be called “Really Unassuming People With Inspirational Backstories And Talents Take You By Surprise.” It’s more descriptive. We know that there are talented people in this country. That’s obvious. Somehow, the show finds people like Celine Tam, a diminutive 9 … Read more

8 Pretty Funny Tweets About Beyonce Giving Birth to Twins

All signs are pointing to yes, Beyonce gave birth to twins sometime in the last week and per the usual– the Internet can’t deal. 8 Pretty Funny Tweets About Beyonce Giving Birth to Twins: 1. Ah, classic lyric callback. 2. No, but for real. 3. And Jay-Z isn’t bad either. 4. My dad already knew. … Read more