Dude Perfect Perfects The Fidget Spinner

If you are related to a teenage male, I am so sorry. Dude Perfect, trick shot mavens, have applied their specific expertise and proclivity for trick shots the test with fidget spinners. If anything in this world is sure, it is that the fidget spinner in your house will be trying something like this soon. … Read more

Soft Boiled Eggs For The Perfectionist Cook

Hard boiled eggs are easy: just boil ’em until they’re hard and–bingo– ya done did it. Soft boiled eggs are an entirely different story. Soft boiled eggs are hard boiled eggs with runny yolk and they are delicious. They are also perfect additions to salads, roasted chicken or grilled salmon. The problem with cooking eggs … Read more

At Last, Someone Has The Courage To Talk About The Ridiculousness of Baby Product Names

There are millions of baby products: items for mom, the baby, and dad at any given time of day. Our grandparents were raised in cloth diapers and given jobs. Back then, diaper bags were just for diapers. Now we need trailers to carry everything out kids need to survive. We can’t fix that problem, but … Read more

Would “This Is Us” Still Be Really Sad If No One Talked At All? (YES)

“This Is Us” loves a good cry. The characters love to cry on screen and they love hearing about fans crying throughout the show. It’s just cry, cry, cry from these people. Some of the most tear-jerking scenes of the show come when when the characters have monumental breakthroughs or are dealing with something real … Read more

Ellen Caught An Audience Member Stealing From Her, So She Shamed Her on National TV

Without a doubt, Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most generous celebrities on TV. She lets audience members cheat at games to win prizes, constantly gives things away and loves taking care of people. Recently, Ellen set up a table of free memorabilia for audience members. There were signs telling participants that they could only … Read more

Carpool Karaoke Ditches James Corden And Adds A T-Shirt Cannon

“Carpool Karaoke” is no longer a simple segment on “The Late Late Show.” It is a series on Apple Music, who, I guess, has recently gotten into the TV series game. To preview the series, the show ditched James and packed the car with Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and the cast of “Girls Trip” … Read more

Kacey Musgraves Connected with Her Memaw on “Hollywood Medium” and We’re Kind of in Shock

During the most recent episode of “Hollywood Medium” on E!, Kacey Musgraves sat down with Tyler Henry to learn about the death of her precious Memaw and she learned a lot. Kacey went on the show to learn more details about her maternal grandmother’s death in a house fire. If you’re familiar with Kacey’s tune, … Read more

Set Photos Tease An Enormous Cast For The Upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War”

Nine years ago, “Iron Man” changed the movie industry. It was the first piece in Marvel Studious ambitious plan to move comic book sagas to the big screen and an overwhelming success. Now, Hollywood is scrambling to create new movie universes, sweeping franchises with story lines that span multiple films over years and, potentially, decades. … Read more

There is Going to Be a “Downton Abbey” Movie!

Plan your tea parties and find your kedgeree recipes, “Downton Abbey” is coming back as a movie! The Associated Press reports that a film following the drama of the Crawley family will likely go into production in 2018. “There’s a movie in the works. It’s been in the works for some time,” NBCUniversal President Michael … Read more

A Real Miscarriage and Ongoing Infertility Inspired Sunny Sweeney’s “Bottle By My Bed”

“All my friends are raisin’ babies, I’m still raisin’ Cain,” Sunny Sweeney sings the opening to “Bottle By My Bed.” From the title alone, you may think it’s a different kind of story, about a different kind of bottle, but the Texas native is opening up about her struggle with infertility. The tune, which she … Read more

Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Soak Up the Sun During Her Birthday Trip to Bermuda

This Father’s Day, Jason Aldean planned a trip for his wife, Brittany, to Bermuda. The pair — and a group of friends — set off for the island on Sunday and they’ve been sharing the most drool-worthy pictures ever since. View this post on Instagram HAPPY FATHER'S DAY BABY!!! Thank you for this Birthday trip … Read more

John Cena ‘Brings The Thunder’ When He Answers Random Questions

John Cena, who may be a gorilla in a man suit, loves answering random questions from people on the street. The people on the street don’t know they are asking questions to John Cena in a studio, so a lot of the questions are general and unusual like, “How does time work?” and “How do … Read more